Do we use eye protection?

Ron Musgraves

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Do we use eye protection?

I tend to think that that’s probably our number one workers comp. Claim.

The reason I say that is the only accidents (knock on wood) I have ever had have been eyes getting hurt.

I guess except car accidents.

Anyone here had an employee get something in eye and have to go to the doctor?


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I wear safety glasses when spraying down degreaser, other then that just my regular glasses.

Shawn G.

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Had a problem with chems in the eye early on, nothing serious. Using a degreaser and got a good splash in the face while rinsing. It stung enough to make me use the glasses every time now. (No Doctor, thank God)

Used to think it was a pain to keep wiping off the glasses so i could see through them, but it's a lot better than going blind.

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