Did I make a discovery or it this old news?

Ralph Q

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What type of carb cleaner did you use? I see cans of carb cleaner for $3.49 at the auto parts store. If that gets it off, I'll buy cases of the stuff!


If the stains you see only are visible when the concrete's wet, then Jasco premium paint and epoxy remover will work too. Most tire shine products contain silicone or a form of it. The silicone seals the concrete just like some penetrating sealers will.

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I have only tried it a couple times...one with the name brand carb cleaner and it was pretty amazing...then with some from tractor supply and it still worked but took a few applications. I know they sell it in something that looks like a paint can to dip the carb in - so I wonder if that would work in a spray bottle. I have done it so far after the wash on wet concrete only but will probably try on dry concrete next and see what happens!

Daniel Simmons