Deposit checks by Iphone

I can but there is a trick to it. I bank at PNC and have a business account which you cannot deposit by phone. I added a "virtual wallet" account and then linked the two accounts. The rub is that you have to have the check written to you personally. You can then use your PNC app to xfer the funds to the linked business account the next morning.

The only situation I can see where this would be helpful is when funds are low, you are working and won't get to the bank before 6:00 and you need the funds available the next day since you have till 8:00 pm to do the image deposit.

I wish it were possible to do this with the business account. I get tired of going to the bank. I usually collect 2-3 days worth and deposit all at once.


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I deposit checks on my iPhone through the USAA app(take pics front and back). Real convenient and I have never had a problem with it in the past two years.


I can just shove 20 in the drivethru ATM all at once and process like boom. Would be a PITA taking pictures of every single check