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Several of my customers wanted to pay for the service via credit card I am wondering how to set this up the best way or company and equipment ect. to use Thank you Rick

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i dont

i dont have a service for credit cards but the day i reg. my biz. and got the phone installed about 20 people called that week offering to set up credit card service.
I think you need to buy a machine that you hook to the customer phone line.
They also have a wireless one but big $
its like a palm piolt.


Taking credit cards isn't that hard to do. Call your local banks and tell them that you want to set up one up. Shop around different banks, they have different rates. One thing to remeber is that when you get payment by CC you pay the processor a percentage of that charge. Also you might get a monthly fee to use there service. As for the terminal you can lease one for a nominal fee. After you check with your banks about the cost call Discover and get a price from them. Now the famous question Does it pay. Yes and No.

Try Discover/Novus Network. They can set you up with IC Verify software for your computer at You won't have to buy a swipe machine this way. You only pay a fee when you accept a card, no monthly fee like most systems. We have been using this for several years now. The money is put directly in your bank account. We accept all Novus, Discover, Master Card, Visa and American Express

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I can't speak for everyone, but I have only had 3 customers (out of about 275) ask me about credit cards in the last year. The only thing that made any sense for me was PayPal. There is no fee to set it up and anyone can pay you, with any card. The fee is small, in fact, the largest charge was $275 and the charge was $6.35. I have a link on my website that I direct customers to and you have your money wired directly to your bank account in a day or two. It works great!

Of course, the drawback is that the customer has to be registered with PayPal, or be willing to get registered. If they want to use the card bad enough, they will.
I have ? about the PayPal thing. We've heard from one satisfied customer, how about anyone with bad experiences. I've looked at credit cards, and don't think it is worth my time and money, especially with 3 trucks on the road. The Pay Pal looks better. Do they work as well as they claim? Do government agencies use PayPal? Many of our jobs are over the $200 limit for quick pay, how long does it take to get money? Can I/my techs use the cell phone or a regular phone? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Another thing you could do is use Quickbooks Pro software, they have a credit card mechant account available that integrates with their software, so you don't need a terminal.

More info somewhere on

Keep in mind that in order to use paypal, your customer must also be a everyone is internet-friendly...........or comfortable signing up at certain sites even if they are internet friendly.

And that 6.35 service fee on the $275........that is over 2%.......which is not much different then the fees you'd pay to do it right, without the hassles of dealing with a website.......

My opinion, and by the way, I do not accept credit cards. Yet.

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We accept credit cards and have been for a couple of years now. We do a HUGE amount of business via credit cards. We're in the DC area, and it may be the demographic and spending habit of the consumers here, lots of professionals, lots of disposable income, very high credit limits. Many of our largest jobs get put on cards. We take Visa and MasterCard and found a company called Frontline that does a good job. It's either or


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I do it...

I take credit cards in my business. I only have one regular fleet acct that pays by cc but they do over 4k a month. I just could not carry that kind of money on the books for the 45 to 60 day turn around on a check so I started taking cc.

Best move I have made so far...

btw... I just went to my bank and they recommended a vendor for the machine/service.
For your information. Anyone interested in accepting credit cards through Discover with IC Verify software needs to call 1-800-347-7996. This is the number you will need to setup new services. T discovered there wasn't enough information on their website. I hope this helps. After you get setup everything is fairly simple.


greenrw71 said:
Several of my customers wanted to pay for the service via credit card I am wondering how to set this up the best way or company and equipment ect. to use Thank you Rick


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Credit Cards

I just set up a Merchant Acount. Very reasonable I think.
$149.00 setup, 2.49% + 1.00 per transaction. $10.00 per month and no minimum activity per month. Best yet --- no machine needed, do it all by phone. get payed in 24 - 48 hrs. So far so good. :D

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