converting to propane


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wiz i read rons post about kerosene are diesel and he touched on using propane as an alternative fuel my question is how to convert a burner to use propane and once converted is there a way to go back to diesel are kerosene at the flip of a switch.thanks


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:( Usually coils are wound tighter for oil fired than gas fired. With forced draft from the blower motor on oil burners you can get away with less air movement through the coil. This is done to facilitate the buildup and utilization of heat within the flame chamber and passed on to the water used for cleaning. This also means that, on average, there is less pipe in an oil fired coil.

Gas fired (LP or NG) tend to be more loosely wound allowing for a natural draft. Since there is little regulation of the air flowing through the coil then the flame chamber, pancakes and even length of pipe in these coils is greater than oil fired coils.

While it is possible to convert a gas fired to run on oil it is practically impossible to go the other way. Regardless of the size and shape of the flame chamber, length of pipe and number of pancakes there would be serious challenges to the quality of the flame and the control of the emissions.

Simply put, you need to decide exactly which fuel meets most of your requirements. Working with a local pressure washer distributor shuld help you get to where you need to be as opposed to where you want to be.


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Michael said it! You either have one or the other. Converting can be done but you would spend more than you would to buy a add on Propane Heater unit. $2500 would get you an extra heater unit and just don't use the diesel one. Just add the heater onto the output of your washer and use one or the other