Check out this strange dealing I had today with a homeowner.

Today we went to power wash a home for a customer who wanted their vinyl and stone surfaces cleaned. We explained the process of low pressure and allowing our detergents to do the actual cleaning. We actually had a painting project after this job so we wore our paint clothes. The other day our vehicle was hit head on by an asphalt truck(We were not in it thank God) which damaged the front end so now we are in an old back up vehicl we hardly use. Also,our power washing equipment is mounted in the truck that got damaged so we had to use the back up power washer.

That sets the scene...

We got the contract signed and started work. He showed concern about if we could safely remove the mold and dirt. He was worried our power washing may cause the shutter paint to peel because he just had them painted recently.

We were using a 4gpm 13HP machine with our low pressure tips.

After the job he asked about the smell of bleach(Chlorine)He was concerned themix was going to fade his vinyl. We used 2 gallons of 12% along with 2.5 gallons of water and some surfactant. Anyone heard of that strength fading vinyl along with low pressure? I have not.

He then kept straining his eyes looking for the needle and then said his garage doorknobs were faded now after cleaning. IK looked at it and asked about the scratches and paint on the inside and he brushed it off as thempainting. He said they bought it in April. It looks like he gotpaint on the exterior and cleaned it with goof off which will remove and dull finishes. I come from a family of painting contractors so I know about that hazzard. We pre wet all doors and windows before we applied the cleaner, but even at our strength as mentioned before what in the world?

I figured in the end it was oneof those homeowners we all hate to do business with that either did not want to pay or could not afford it, but he assured me he could.

His explanation: "Your website is so awesome and the house is clean, but you are not dressed like we thought power washing company people would be and showed up in a vehicle that did not look professional."

Then he actually asked us: "Are you SURE you have a truck?"

Can you believe that he had the nerve to ask that? I should have asked if he was sure that he was paying me with his money or was it from his Daddy. Some homeowners are just the end...
Anyone have any comment about this experience and how you would have reacted? I even cut the price $50 for his doorknob he says we dulled which I know for a fact we did not just to make him happy and for us to get out.


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Die to self, my man. Thats the sort of thing that builds character, to just swallow your pride and not counter his insults. You did good, it will come back to bless you.

Mark 8262

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I recently had a customer who said the Chlorine that I used hurt the color of her tile that was in her pool. It is chlorinated pool not saltwater and she tried to tell me that I took the color out of some of the tiles.


It is not a single washing with chlorine or bleach that fades vinyl, it is the years of sunlight hitting it and wearing out the UV inhibitors in the vinyl itself, you can see it when the vinyl is chalky and /or when you wipe your finger on the surface and the color comes off on your finger.

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Most people do not fully examine their home and property until its been cleaned. All of the sudden every blemish, fade, loose piece of siding, faded door knob, or whatever must have been caused by you. God bless you bro, I might of fired back depending on my mood.


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+10 I got a call from a bank i washed 3 months ago she said we killed her shrubs.People are really getting out there would love to do nothing but fleets.Trucks dont talk back they just sit there.


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Life is about managing expectations. You did not manage his. Nor did you meet them.

You failed. Don't blame it on him.


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You showed up in an old vehicle, used a residential pressure washer, dressed like a painter and ruined his door knob. Nothing for nothing, but what would you have thought if you were in his shoes.
You showed up in an old vehicle, used a residential pressure washer, dressed like a painter and ruined his door knob. Nothing for nothing, but what would you have thought if you were in his shoes.

What I would have done as a homeowner was address these issues before I signed the contract because when we showed up it was not signed as of yet. Maybe that sounds crazy, but thats just how I would have handled it. His main issue was a old door knob he said we tarnished which was an out and out lie and the fact that our websitelooked so awesome. I am not kidding...thats what he kept harping on. That our website looked so awesome. I guess he was surprised that the house came so clean even though we were not scrubbing his siding with stiff bristle brushes or using hot water :>)

The guy kept putting his hand to his head above his eyes as if he just saw a bird...or maybe a plane. He told me he got 2 otgher estimates from guys who cqame in trucks and uniforms. I said why did you not hire them. He said because he actually talked to me. So I guess I outsold the guys dressed for the part? He said our prices were about the same...
Thanks for the comments y'all. Only 2 negative ones. Not bad. If everyone liked me I would most likely be more crooked than a dogs hind leg.