Blocking off highway

Got an opportunity to bid a job that would require me parking a tow-behind manlift on a 4 lane busy road for about an hour, effectively shutting down at least 1 lane, probably 2 with outriggers and not wanting any cars within a couple feet of the lift. Called the police dept, they have a 4 hour minimum for directing traffic @ $45 per hour. Sounded like they were gonna send a patrol unit out to assist me. Is this usually the route you guys go?

Scott Stone

New member
Depends on your local laws. Around here, there is a manual that explains the requirements, and what needs to be done. You can sometimes talk to the AHJ and talk to the streets or transportation department to see if they have a "barricade manual". If not you can search out a "manual on uniform traffic control devices". Or, just add the $180 in your bill and let the cops take care of it.