Big Green Egg

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Does anyone on here have a Big Green Egg or any other Kamado type grill?

What kind do you have and what do you like about it?

Will it grill or just smoke?

I'm going to get one and have been shopping and researching.

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I'm rough on tools, trucks and equipment always have been has a result my stuff must be functional, dependable but most of all be able to handle the abuse.

The Big Green Egg more than earns it's spot.

Best grill I've ever owned hands down.

El Flojo

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Home made old propane storage tank,(4' long x 18") it has a smoke pit on the side. Only draw back is its real heavy. been with me for 10yrs or so


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I've owned a large bge for over ten years now. The fact that it lasts forever offsets the price. It works great as a grill, but it really shines as a smoker. I will be smoking a turkey this week. It seems like everybody ends up at our place on weekends for bbq. You will be very happy!



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I saw a story that the cover broke and cost $300 to get another one.

I to have been checking out them, you can line smoker with firebricks to keep the temp even and control it better. Also look for some type on water pan or make your own. It can mix with the smoke and add more favor and tender piece. Thats what I have been told.

I am looking for a offset with a fire box that will pull out on the side. $220.


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I also own a Weber that we take camping. It's a fine "grill" but that's what it is. I just started an 8lb butt on the egg that will cook all day @ 225 degrees. Funny thing is that three of our friends who own Webers are at my house on Sundays.
We have a large green egg and we smoke, grill, bake, and love it. four of our neighbors have bought them since we got our's. after you get the egg let me know I will send you a receipe for the best smoked meat loaf you have ever eaten.


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95% of the offset smokers don't work worth a darn. That's why they end up used a couple of times and then sit. That's how I found that smoking forum I posted. I was frustrated with the results and found the mods needed to make them work great. I smoke everything from Salmon to venison sausage. Pork tenderloins are killer out of a smoker. A remote wireless meat thermometer is a great addition for a lazy guy like me.

Sounds like the egg is a great unit right out of the box.