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when doing roofs I have always had a ground guy when needed. lets say my roof mix was 35% sh and 65% water. Then I laid down a decent coat on the roof with no run off. now lets say i start rinsing from the bottom with a 6 gpm machine. could i make it so the rinse water dilutes the roof mix enough not to worry about plant life?

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when doing roofs I have always had a ground guy when needed. lets say my roof mix was 35% sh and 65% water. Then I laid down a decent coat on the roof with no run off. now lets say i start rinsing from the bottom with a 6 gpm machine. could i make it so the rinse water dilutes the roof mix enough not to worry about plant life?

Does the roof have gutters? And does the customer want it rinsed?


I would not even think of doing a roof wash without a helper.

It is easy to kill plants and grass if the helper is not watering enough, there is no way that you can water enough while on the roof cleaning it.

There are so many plants and grass on most houses that need to be watered as you are cleaning the roof, it needs to be done while working, not just before and after.

I would not take the chance doing this by yourself unless you get a good discount at the local nursery, just saying.

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Every roof cleaning job is different, and there is more then one way to skin a Cat.
Some like Gutter Canes (we don't)
We feel Containment (bagging) of run off is always best.
Yes, you can use a Gutter Cane, and plug up the downspouts with sponges or little Footballs. LOL, we once saw a stupid roof cleaning company from Orlando come here to Tampa, and do this right next to us, on a job we were doing.
Well, the gutters filled with water, then guess what ?
The freaking Gutter broke away from the house, bent, and crashed to the ground!
Lesson Learned, for that crew, I hope ?

Gutters are designed to FLOW water away from the house, into the downspouts.
They are not Water Storage Devices.
Gutter Repair Guys lick their chops after a good hard rain. They know that clogged gutters can't last very long, in a good rain.

Another problem with using Gutter Canes is they reduce water flow and pressure!
We use dedicated ground men, and want them to have all the water pressure that a home has to give.
Hard to do when a gutter cane is up there sucking up all the water pressure and flow.

Here is a discussion on this subject I pulled up in a quick search of the Roof Cleaning Instutute. It has pro and con for gutter canes vs bagging vs gutter extenders.

There are probably 25 of these types of threads at the RCIA Forum, I just don't have the time or energy right now, to do a complete search.

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I don't bag down spouts but I do use oscillating sprinklers. Hook em up as soon as I arrive on site.
Oscillating Sprinklers are a poor substitute, for a dedicated human sprinkler (Ground Man)
Plants need to be watered from the Top Down, and the water needs to penetrate the bushes.
One reason why a High GPM Pressure Washer is not a bad idea!
We use 3/4 inch diameter water hoses, to insure we get as much water on the plants as possible.

We do not teach the use of gutter canes, and the plugging of downspouts with footballs or sponges.

I suggest you read the article I posted below, from a Houston Texas Gutter Professional

We prefer to physically BAG Downspouts, or use extenders when possible, to capture or divert the toxic runoff.

Gutter and downspout cleaning is often overlooked but should be a very important part of your regular home maintenance. It should be performed at least once if not twice a year; in the spring and again in the fall. To cut down on the amount of debris that gets trapped in your gutters, make sure that trees and tall bushes are not touching or hanging over the house. Houses that have large trees surrounding it should have the gutters cleaned more regularly to remove the extra leaves, debris and dirt build up. Doing this can save the integrity of the home and prevent the need for costly repairs. Most people never realize they have a problem with their gutters until it is too late.
During heavy rains, gallons of water flow off the average roof area. Gutters and downspouts are key elements in protecting your property. The main reason gutters exist is to catch water from the roof and keep it away from the home’s foundation. The downspouts assist inpreventing water from pooling beside your foundation and seeping into it. Dirt cloggedgutters or misplaced downspouts are the most common problems. If gutter not installed,installed improperlys are or they are blocked and overflowing there are various types of costly damage that can be a result. Dirty or missing gutters can cost you crackedfoundations, leaky roofs, water damaged rotted wood, potential fires, ceiling & wall leaks, sagging driveways, collapsed gutters, destroyed landscaping, termites, hazardous mold growth, insect and rodent infestations.
1. Foundation - The falling water can quickly erode the soil ate the base of the external walls. Moisture in a structure's foundation leads to exterior cracks in the brick and motar. This water cab eventually undermine the foundation which can lead to huge structural problems.
2. Collapsed Gutters - Blocked gutters retain too much water and become heavy; the weight can cause the gutter to become detached from the fascia and possibly damage the home's siding and roofing. Plugged downspouts allow hundreds of pounds of water to build up in your gutters which can easily cause them to fall down onto anything underneath!
3. Fires - In hot climates like we have in Houston, TX, large amounts of dry leaves left in gutters can create a fire hazard. It is very important to have gutters cleaned before warmer summer months because debris builds up in the gutters during winter, then dries out in the hot sun in summer and may catch on fire. It can also can cause electrical fires or shock if water backs up into the ceiling space and roof eaves.
4. TermitesRoof beams, timbers and wood wall studs can get wet in the cavity of your walls which can attract termites and carpenter ants. Termites are looking for wet places to build colonies. Clogged gutters are the perfect environment for them to get a foot-hold to your home so that they can begin the process of destruction.
5. Landscaping - Gutters and spouts filled with water can damage and ruin landscaping by leaking over the plants in a garden. Too much water to the plants cuts off oxygen from them and causes them to die. The excess water also causes diseases in plants such as Crown Rot, Root Rot and damping off.
6. Hazardous Mold - When moisture seeps into a house it also encourages the growth of mold, which can seriously affect your health like allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Once the problem begins, it is a difficult one to combat. It spreads quickly and can begin to destroy the surfaces it resides on. Another nasty side effect of a mold problem is the musty smell this substance produces.
7. Water Damaged Wood - Clogged gutters can cause leaking. When the water leaks from the gutter it can damage the paint and rot the siding, fascia & window sills that exists around your house; brick and vinyl siding may start to rust. Gutters also protect the underneath side of your roof from getting water in there and doing more damage.
8. Insects and Pests - Standing water in gutters not only causes damage to the structure of the home, it can also attract bugs and other pests. It can provide a good nesting ground and food source for unwanted pests. Because most insects thrive on moisture and humidity, unclean gutters full of water are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can pose a health hazard to both people and animals because they are carriers of several unwanted diseases.
9. Leaky Roofs, Ceilings & WallsDuring spring months, leaves may have fallen on your rooftop because of storms and strong winds. Trees around your house may bear flowers and fruits along with dead twigs. Also, birds may build or leave behind their nests and waste on your roof. If your gutters are already full with leaves and debris, this begins to build up on the roof which eventually will start to gather water or moisture which in turn breaks down the shingles on your roof. This can causeunexpected leaks that can ruin the interior of your home.
You can cut down on the amount of debris in your gutters by getting gutter guards installed. Gutter guards can help to minimize how much gutter cleaning will be necessary. There are many types of gutter guards but they are all designed to prevent leaves and large pieces of debris from building up in the downspouts and gutters to allow rainwater to flow unimpeded. Gutter guards also prevent birds and rodents from building nests in the gutters while still allowing the sun and water through. However, the installation of these guards can prevent some issues but does not mean cleaning can be avoided. Even with this system in place, maintenance will remain necessary annually.

Instead of waiting for the drains to overflow and to notice that they aren’t keeping water off the roof very well, it is best to schedule regular maintenance in order to clean the system and keep it running smoothly. If you can't do it regularly, check your downspouts during a rainstorm. If they don't seem to be flowing well, it's probably time to clean your gutters.<o:p></o:p>
Sir Fix-A-Lot cleans, maintains, repairs & installs gutters for residential homes and businesses in Houston, TX. If you are having issues with your gutters and downpipes such as leaking, clogging, missing, improperly installed, rust, sagging or joints separating, Sir Fix-A-Lot willbe able to correct whatever the issue is.
Should you pay around $75* for gutter cleaning and repair today or hundreds maybe thousands when your gutter issues becomes a total house problem?
Our handyman services can assist with:
· Gutter and downspout repair and/or replacement
· Installing gutter guards
· Gutter and downspout cleaning
· Replacing or repairing damaged fascia & drip edge/eaves (metal flashing- edge of roofline)
· Inspect exterior for water damage or problem areas
We can also establish a maintenance schedule where together we determine what your needs are, whether a fall and spring visit will be sufficient or if there is a need to service your gutters more often. Obviously, regular gutter and downspout maintenance will keep your gutters cleaned out and prevent water from backing up and causing substantial damage. The water will be able to flow smoothly through the gutter channel, out the downspouts and away from your home.
Get your gutter issues corrected today; call Sir Fix-A-Lot at 409-526-8393 for efficient gutter maintenance services. We can take care of all of your home repair maintenance services in Houston, TX. Our services are available to residents of Bellaire, River Oaks, Stafford, Missouri City, Sugarland, Richmond, Katy, Pearland and Houston, TX.

*based on size of project

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What is the proper method of bagging downspouts? What kind of bags work best, what kind of tape to tape it to the downspout, how to dispose of it, etc...

Ive never done it before, but have a hotel Im doing tomorrow and I think bagging would really be a good idea.

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Moisture and other substances accumulated from gutter downspouts can generally be contained by a poly tubing roll with a thickness of at least 4 Mil. A poly tubing roll, depending on its thickness and width, provides versatility and flexibility in holding as much fluid as possible.

Poly tubing rolls are extremely strong and can be used as diversion tubes and gutter downspout bags. Simply tie and seal both ends of the tubing roll, and you're ready to go.

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Larry, If the chems that run off are not worth anything then is there a reason to even bag it? Are you doing it for the selling point or do you believe that there is enough chem to still kill the grass or plants even if you water it down. I have not had chance to do a roof yet and I am still trying to figure out if I want to bag or not.
The SH is two components, one is the chlorine, the other one is Salt. Even Bad chemical still has the Salt in it. This is one reason why we don't add fresh chemical to "revive" old chemical in our tanks. It is better to get rid of the bad chemical completely, otherwise you are making an environmental time bomb, guaranteed to Nuke your customers yard.

LOL, there used to be a roof cleaning company here in the Tampa area, who had Salespeople. They were some dirty motherfunkers. If they lost a sale to you, they would actually come to your customers home disguised as lawn care guys, then spray your customers hedges with plant killing chemicals. Then guess who go blamed when the plants died ?