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Been asked to bid on cleaning greassy auto repair shop, several lifting bays( 8 )...Any Idea on pricing??? Hasnt been cleaned in...who knows when.. any and all help on this would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Ron P.

ron p

to get a price, i would need to know about reclaim and if your going to rinseing the bays so that the the chem. was going to be getting on black top.
The best cleaners will mess-up black top bad.
Think about hd80 as the cleaner.
If black top is going to be a prob. then look at MR. MUSCLE from e-spec its non-caustic.
and cheap $85 for 55 gal.[mix kit]
Do you best guess at the amount of time it will take you and charge $100 per hour. More for reclaim. Then set-up a maint price for future cleanings. just my 2 cents worth.


Just did one last week went fairly well, I used a non caustic soap for the same reason...It had something in it that built its own heat after it was applied, to about 115 degrees it was kind of cool, Have to find out what was in it that made it heat up on its self..Charged 100 dollars a hour for 3 hours worth of work on bid, took 4 hours to do...Had 6 lifts only about 15 deep and 75 long...Floor only had to be reasonably clean...Wet floor,hand spread on floor,sit 20-25min. brush, rinse, that was what i did..hope that helped