anyone know where i can buy jomax in bulk?

Russ Spence

Commercial Pressure Wash Expert and PWI Administra
jomax ? I didnt know they still ripped people off with that stuff , matter of fact you dont need it just use some good soap and 12.5% and downstream

Apple Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Instructor
good house washing chemical thats hard to find around me.
Jomax is simply a "bleach activator" that works by acidifying Bleach.
The active ingredient of Jomax is Acetic Acid ....... Vinegar, LOL
It makes a small amount of bleach strong enough to clean w/o damaging plants.
This is because the small amount of acidified Bleach has very little sodium.
Great, in THEORY.

But listen to the guys here, as long as you wet the plants first, keep em wet, and rinse when done cleaning, damage is almost non existant to Plants.
My advice ?
Forget that Jomax **** and get you some simple cherry and 12.5 percent.