Anyone else used the Kohler idle down set-up?

hi-temp hydro

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Just got my new Kohler 18hp with a General TS2021 gear to gear with the "idle down" feature (engine goes to idle when the water isn't flowing) from EnviroSpec last week. I took it for a trail run today on the trailer mount before mounting it in the van I'm setting up. Worked all day long and it sipped only 2 gallons of gas! Holy Crap! This thing is gonna pay for itself in no time flat. :clapping:

Anyone else had any similar noticeable savings with these new set-ups?


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Got the same pump with 30hp kohler engine from EnviroSpec, have fill issues with the pump and the heater but they are taking care of that. Besides that this package is great. Just not saving as much as you on gas, but still happy with results.