Another Fall

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
Well, here's another safety issue for those of you who do commercial roofs.

Today Chris and the guys were on a roof that is too tall for the lift. He has personally gone through the hatch at least 30 times over the years so he is very familiar with it.

This time was different. The hatches are very heavy all have hydraulic or mechanical brakes on them that assist in lifting them and keep them from slamming down. Whoever went up first didn't notice anything different.

Chris came down last and when he let off the catch the hydraulics failed and the hatch cane right down hard on his head.

It knocked him off the ladder and he remembers trying to grab for anything and hitting his knee on a rung as he went down. He thinks he landed flat on his back and says he thought he felt his head hit the tile floor twice. It was a straight down fifteen foot fall.

He then thought he got up and went out right after Shelly who was ahead of him and had been on the roof documenting some newly installed units. In reality he was almost ten minutes behind her so he must have laid there unconscious for a while.

He doesn't have any broken bones but has a concussion. We have been keeping him awake all day and he seems to be OK now, just moving real slow.

He won't quit. He insisted that he was OK, even went on to the next building and helped complete it till we stopped at 7-11 to get some water. He waited in the truck and we all went in. When we came out he was knocked out in the truck with his head slumped over and had drooled all over his shirt. That was the only way I was able to convince him he needed to go home and let somebody monitor him. And even then he apologized all the way home.

He is a better man than I ever was. No matter what I leave behind on this earth I can say the world was left a better place because I brought him into it.

He is OK now, but needs some prayers to make him heal quickly and not feel guilty for taking a few days off.

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Wow. Tuff young man. It may be best for him to take it easy for a few days.
It may not be a bad idea to go get checked out.
It's crazy how fast things like that can happen.
I wish him the best and I'm sure he will be back to work sooner than most.

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Vince Wood

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Happy to hear he is ok Tony. A few days off never hurt anyone but it sucks when you take them off because you're injured.

Tony Shelton

BS Detector, Esquire
I hope they don't try to makecus pay for that big head sized dent in the floor! (Teds phone comment. Lol)

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AZ PowerWash Pros

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MAN! That is terrible story... I hope he gets better quick! Don't let him work for at least a couple days... Sorry to hear that Tony. Thoughts with Chris.

Scott Stone

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He is going to be a bit tired for a few days. Let him rest. I am pretty sure that Jill will make a point of having him taken care of. She seems like that kind of girl.