Amazing new power wash website!

Paul Kassander

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I have been working on our new website over the past few weeks and my eyes are getting a bit buggy! We have gotten pretty far and will be adding more so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime I would appreciate any help or suggestions that you may have for me. Post, Call or use the links on the site to send me your suggestions and comments.

Thank you!


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Dang Paul, warn us to turn down our speakers before we open your homepage...

I was NOT ready for that at all! :shocked2:

Otherwise Great Website!!!


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I have to agree on the volume but site looks good. Now get the pictures of all the products in place. I didnt see surface cleaners any place did I miss them?


JL Pressure Washing
Looks Good Paul, I like the music, I was going to put some on my website, but was told by a few that the music is a distraction. I would have the home page more about what you are selling and put the other stuff on another page. You open it and don't really know what your website is about.

Just a suggestion put all the helping stuff, the winners and money raised needs to be back some. If I am looking for equipment and searching the web, I might just pass by your site and go to the next one. Now the Helping & winning stuff you can still have a little area with a link on the home page

Getting a new website up is so stressful, you want some much from your site . I know I went crazy with mine and within a week I saw things I should shorten, delete, add on and on. Its never perfect.

Make it more about what you are selling. Looking forward to seeing it when its finished...Ha Ha Ha, they are never finished. Good luck with it!!!!

jon chapman

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The music is a distraction. I brought up the site on my Jphone and walked away. When I got back I couldn't figure out where that noise was coming from for a bit.
The background color makes the text hard to read.
The auction was great but for customers coming to the site to buy products who don't know anything about it, it may be too much and they leave. Remember you only have a few seconds to capture someones attention before they hit the back key and click the next link on thier search results.

Paul Kassander

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Made a few changes still working on all the pictures. Send a picture William I will feature you....The industry's most independent contractor. You may not like it though you will get some exposure.

Keep the suggestions coming I appreciate it!


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The site has a nice clean look and is packed with anything and everything a contractor needs. Plus it's nice to call a company like Power Wash Store and have someone that knows their products on the other line. Looks great Paul.