Aluminum Brightener


Hotsy Service Tech
Did any one see in the news about the FATAL accident with Aluminum Brightener?
It is the most DANGEROUS HAZARDOUS Chemical you can come in contact with.
I heard this from the Man at the
Office Of Emercency Services.
This happened This year not long ago.
A man was pouring some Aluminum Brightener
into a 5 gallon Pail.
When he accidently spilled it on his shirt and pants.
He immediately started pealing off his clothes.
He then ran to the water and washed it off the best he could.
It was already too late.
It started it's dammage seconds after he spilled it.
They rushed him to the Hospital and He Died within 2 hours of the spill.
This stuff penetrates the skin goes into the blood stream streight to your bones and attacks the calcium. It also goes streight to your heart and you go into Cardiac Arrest.

Bottom Line. Be very carefull around this stuff wear rain gear faceshield gloves boots and Resperator around this stuff if you want to live another day.