Almost the most interesting day of my life.


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So I just have to share this story of what happened earlier, because it had to be one of the most interesting days for me ever.

So I was out doing a Residential Property at like 9 this morning, done about 1 side, and on the property next to the one I am cleaning this guy drives up in a Honda Civic. He gets out, and unloads a Pressure Washer, a bucket, and 5 bottles of bleach from piggly wiggly.

After watching him for about 2 minutes I realized this guy was going to Pressure Wash the neighbors home, I just shook my head and proceeded to mind my own business.

This wasn't by far the most interesting thing, it gets a heck of a lot better.

He rings the DOORBELL at the house I am currently washing and talks with the owner for a bit. After about 10 minutes the owner comes to me and tells me how much he owes me for only cleaning this 1 side of his home, because the "gentleman over here" will finish the rest for a lot cheaper.

After talking to him for a bit and knowing this was a lost cause, I got on the phone to call my wife to write me up a price for this size house only 1 side. She did, and I proceeded to tell this guy it will be $80.

Some talking conitnued for a bit, and obviously I was pissed, so I got on the phone with Town Hall and Code Enforcement. Told them about this story and that I can almost guarantee this guy has no insurance nor any business license.

About 20 minutes pass as I am slowwwwlllllllyyyyyyy packing my things, and here comes driving up the Town Officials.

Long story short, they found out the guy has no insurance, no business license, and gave him a hefty fine, and he had to leave the property asap. Of course they also checked me but of course I had everything.

The property owner comes up to me and apologized, and wanted me to continue with his home, upon which I basically told him to "stick it"... just a little nicer.

Of course the neighbor realized what was going on, and came up to me ....

Well, I said I would make it short, I ended up doing the neighbors house right then and there.

Def. was a fun day for me so far :D


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That is awesome Pat!! Congrats on being one of the guys that has his schtuff together and is willing to make sure that everyone else does too. Does me proud!! :):cool: BIG HIGH FIVE!!
That is Pretty Bad for a Home Owner to do that, maybe before you start he might change his Mind, BUT in the middle of the Job, man I'm glad it was you doing the washing LOL I don't know if I could keep my hands off the Dirt bag that came over in the middle of my wash and screwed things up :D
Oh hell no!!!! :eek: I could and would NEVER approach a house and talk to someone else's customer about doing their house. That takes some huge peaches and or a whole lot of ignorance. You handled it the right way. my way would have me posting from the county lock-up! :mad: I think the customer you were working for is a complete POS to do that to you. I thought things were bad here. Good job on nailing him right where it hurts!!!


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That other scum bag could get hurt doing that.

That was Great Pat that you got him the fine and said see ya to the homeowner


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Great story Pat!! I would have absolutely lost it!! Worst thing thats happened to me was I drove all the way to a customers house the morning of the job only to find out that the roof had already been cleaned by our biggest competitor! I had some choice words for him, but nothing like whats happened to you.

Good job on sticking it too him! He deserved it.


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I don't know if I would be that collected with someone so disrespectful stepping my toes like that.
Very interesting history...

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Man I tell ya Pat, you have a good head shoulders. You took on this situation in a very professional manner. Your gonna go far kid, mark my words.


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"Cool Cat" Pat that is crazy, the other guys (both the washer and your job homeowner) are truly unscrupulous.

Did you have a written contract with the homeowner?

Maryland state law basically says that the client has 3 days after signing the agreement to give up the item/service/change their mind. (Its like a cool off period).

I try no to do jobs before the 3 day period. If 3 days has passed and you arrive at the job-site on the agreed scheduled day like Scott, and the job is completed or the owner did not want the service or you start and was asked to stop during the process. You charge a listed fee according to your agreed contract.

Hopefully the Maryland maximum 1/3 deposit that you have already collected covers your stipulated and agreed upon contract prorated fees. Its also great when you can collect the deposit via check or cash. Credit card companies are a pain to deal with if the card owner seeks to have the charges reversed.


I have never done any written agreements for only house washes, only the larger projects.

You did the right thing, give that lowballer what he deserves, kind of makes me wish we had licenses here to do the same thing.

That is really crap what that guy did and he got what he deserved!

I am glad that you did what you did, especially with the homeowner, that is just crap!

I bet the neighbor laughed at him for a long time. hahaha

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Well it only was a $200 house wash (basically if you take it exact, $50 / side). I charged him $80 for about 3/4 of that 1 side finished (I was there for about 10-20 minutes) so I am really not complaining, $80 for 15 mins of work, and basically no charge for supplies or gas.

The town actually called me about an hour ago telling me this guy has been charged with operating a business without a license inside Town Limits, basically he can face up to 6 months in prison and/or a $2000 fine.

I'm literally smiling right now, even though I don't know if it's wrong or right.

Thanks for all the great replies! WOuld you have handled the situation any different? If so, how?

Now im done for today, time to crack open a cold one :D

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You did the right thing by getting one more loser out of the biz. I am sure it would have been real hard to not want to do bodily harm to him, but you did more by calling it in..Good for you!!


I look at it this way, if you have to get business insurance and a license, everyone else should too. Fair is Fair.

You helped get a lowballing hack off the streets that would be lowballing others and probably do it to you again as soon as he could, he might just follow you around to every job you do until you start kicking his ass and possibly end up in jail if they caught you. This way you are the winner.

I am not against someone getting into the business but do it right and learn about the business, too many uninformed, uneducated people think that a pressure washer is all it takes.

You did the right thing, I would have done the same thing too, maybe worse depending on the situation.

Chalk it up as a win for the Pressure Washing Contractors out there that are getting lowballed by the hacks.

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I would have flipped
The tv news would be doing a story
"Pressure washer goes wild and sticks wand up guys butt and pulls trigger"
That is a very interesting day and a great story.
I would back and talk to the town hall and ask them to tell the local newspaper what had happened and ask them to do a cover story on how home owners can protect themselves from this to happen to them.
If they would do it, it would give you some great free publicity.!