Air Force Recruiters .. do you know any?


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Are you thinking about joining up.......If I had to do it over again I would go coast guard..... jmo

What a great adventure you take kids (men/boys) 18-25 teach them how to drive a boat (40 footer back then) send you out 20 30 50 miles offshore in the middle of the night in stormy weather to rescue people (sometimes in the daytime when seas are calm)(did I mention no radar back then just compass...... yikes)

search and rescue 4 years.... 2 year port aransas texas 2 years apalachicola florida

Oh yeah I was that kid boat coxswain (boat driver ) cg 40459

best experience of my life
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If I was to go in the military, it would be Coast Guard. I figure it would be a lot more fun, and you would not have to sleep on the boat every night for months on end.