Air Diaphragm Pumps for Sale. Perfect for Roof Cleaning/Chems


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I have a few AODD Pumps up for Sale. All are Kynar Construction. We just upgraded pumps to much bigger and I don't want to collect them.

Yamada NDP-15 FVT. 1/2" Kynar pump with Teflon Diaphragms. The workhorse of the roof cleaning industry. 12 GPM with a 14 CFM Compressor. Works flawlessly, barely used.
I have two of them available. $249 each.

All-Flo KE-038-B3 3/8" Kynar pump for sale w/Santoprene 'phragms. The famous PWP pump. If you do mostly single story high GM roofs or you need a small pump to apply BARC F9 to driveways/etc, then this is the equivalent or better of a Fat Boy II pump only without the constant electrical headaches. Needs a muffler though they are pretty quiet compared to the compressor. Take a piece of 1/2" air hose and run it under the truck, no icing and it will be quiet. Ridiculously cheap and easy to maintain. They run about $400 new. Sell for $195 plus shipping.

All Flo KT-75. 3/4" AODD Pump. Kynar Body, Teflon Diaphragms. Will flow up to about 18 GPM with a 15 CFM compressor. Runs slower than the Yamada with better lift and flow at the hose end. $699. Currently used as a transfer pump (rinsed every single time) so it probably has 1 hour on it last year.