Acid Stained Concrete

So I need to do a bid to clean the concrete around a restaurant. Heavy black greasy foot paths and tracks from where the trash goes out. Thing is - it is acid stained concrete. I can see where someone has already damages it trying to remove gum I suppose. My question is - how would you approach it? Surface cleaner and heat? Degreaser? Don't want to screw I up but a "good rinse"is not gong to get this clean....

Daniel Simmons
Pressure Washing America, LLC


New member
Cold water and a light SH product or Greased lightning will give you a base from which to start. But if it's as bad as it sounds before you can sell/price it you may have to ask them if you can do a little homework and a few trials on it. The beauty is if you get it down then they paid you to refine your method!