A New Yard Sign Concept


Graphic Designer
What do you think?


Luis Orts

New member
It's not a bad idea... I just feel like the focal point of the sign is the phone.

When really, it should be a brief, obvious benefit of why someone should pick up the phone. Briefly followed by your logo and your number.

This elicits negative thoughts. People now and days are already scared to pick up the phone due to technology, and you just reinforced it.

Good efforts my man, but keep trying.

Guy Blackmon

Roundtable Host 2009
I think it's thought provoking.......it would work well if your "Brand" is already well known, not so much if it's not.



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I saw a HVAC Ad on a billboard in my area that had a voluptuous girl in a bikini with the headline "YOUR WIFE IS HOT"

and underneath saying "Cool her off with ABC Central Air"

Now that was catchy!- everyone looking as they drove by!