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Paul Freeman

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Hit the street today. Distribution 133,500 Home Owners (only) in Metro area.

The ad looks great until you get to the url. THEY SPELLED IT WRONG! It's in an annual flyer that people keep around all season. The good news is that they are going to give us a freebee next week. It was to big to post so I threw it up on a web page:

Link deleted by Paul Freeman.
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Good add and it's going to alot of homes.

Hope you do better than I did with ads Paul. I spent alot of money on them when I first started out and it just didn't work for me.

Much Good Luck

Mike Hughes

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Looks good Paul, I wouldn't worry too much about the mispell on the URL........most people can figure out that powerwash is not spelled porerwash.

To be honest, I don't like the "grand opening" line.......why inform everyone that you're new at it??

Beth & Rod

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I agree with Mike about not advertising that you're new. I'll email you later with some ad ideas.

Back to my coffee....


Paul Freeman

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Chuck, we're going to follow-up with multiple rounds of post cards to home owners in specifically targeted areas.
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Paul, Be careful with the free labor part. You will find there are some people that will see that as a way to have the work done for free by finding fault. It is sad to say but some people are always looking for a free lunch. Hope it works well for you.