12v vs 110v


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Are we talking burners? It basically comes down to efficiency. The higher the voltage the more efficient a motor system can be. If your talking burners I still like 12 v for there simplicity to hook up and run.

Russ Johnson

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There are 2 sizes of burners, both 12 volt and 120. The smaller chassis burners have smaller fans, limiting the fuel nozzle firing rate.
As far as 120 volt burners go, a power source doesn't care which size you're using...both will draw about the same amperage.
For the 12 volts, there is the ADC (small chassis), and the SDC (large chassis). The ADC will do, at best 1.75 - 2.25 gph firing rate. The larger SDC can go on up to 3.5 gph. The problem is, the ADC can run on any machine with an engine producing 16 - 20 amps charge rate. The SDC requires considerably more electricity to run, so a high amp charging system is necessary. The big 3 manufacturers (Honda, Kohler, and Briggs Vanguard) have high output charging systems on select engines, but these are not standard equipment except on machines set up to run the SDC burner. Kubota engnes with an external, belt driven alternator can run an SDC as well.
The 120 volt burners are more reliable, don't suffer from as many variables acting on them, the components last longer, and are less expensive to buy parts for when the time comes. Plus, you usually end up with an auxiliary power outlet too.
A 120 volt won't heat any faster, but will heat more GPM than an ADC burner.

Sirocco Jerry

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ADC vs SDC burners

we get up to 2.75gph with the ADC,
..with the right burnerHead.. that does 5gpm nice N hot.
SDC burners.. to 4gph by design.. in a 24" heater does up to 14gpm hot !
Also, set up properly, we minimize the amperage draw for successfully running on smaller charging systems.
Meticulous manufacturing gives you more options.

“Average” in this industry ..you don’t want.