12.5% chlorine


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I just got 2 cases of 12.5% SH from the pool supplier. I have called a couple times and they said they have not purchased any yet this year due to it's shelf life. So I called them last monday and they said they have it in. I mixed up a batch for my house and it has hardly any bleach smell to it at all. Is this normal? I guess I just figured it would be like a really strong clorox smell.


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Nope dont stick your finger in it an rub it an see if it turns white but you can take an old rag an put some on it an it will start to shred apart if its good.

Ralph Q

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Used it up last week and it had a very week smell until it hit something organic, plants, my hands, algae on house and then the smell kicked in. Not sure what is happening.
Does it aid in cleaning? Are you using a surfactant? I am so used to it, I don't even smell it anymore. I would know within a few minutes, if it is weak.