$100.00 Your Choice Distributor Contest

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
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I need help,

Please lets start listing all the Cleaning industrys trades.


Pressure washing
  1. Fleets
  2. Detail
  3. Hoods
  4. wood restoration
  5. Exterior cleaning Speacialist
  6. roof cleaners
  1. ???????
  2. ??????????
  3. ???????
  4. ???????
Power Sweeper
  1. ??????????
  2. ?????????
  3. ??????????
  4. ???????????
Window Cleaner
  1. ????????
  2. ???????
  3. ????????
  4. ??????
Virtually anyone that is a mobile cleaner.

I need help please start NOW List as many as you possibly can for $100.00 your choice...

Contest over in 24 hours , will draw the winner LIVE!!!!!

$100.00 Distributor your choice

Include the distributor in the post
PW - Grafitti Removal, Concrete Cleaning, New Construction Clean up, Paint Prep, Mobile Homes, Water Towers, oh I could go on and on
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PW - apartments, condos, warehouses, restaraunts, shopping centers, Pipelines, Awning, heavy Equip, Farm Equip, Parking Lots, Storage Tanks
Pressure Washing: New construction cleanup, Prepping for new parking lot striping, Emergency cleanup for corporate inspections, Interior floor cleaning, Cooler floor cleaning, Freezer floor cleaning.

If I win I will use the money with Paul at Mobiclean.
Non Pressure Roof Cleaning, Soft Wash Pressure Washing of Exteriors, Houses, Hotels, Multi Units, Apartment Complexes, Town Homes, Condo's Commercial Plazas, Concrete Cleaning, Manufactured and Mobile Home Cleaning, Pool Decks and Screen Rooms. Rust Removal and on and on. If I win it will probably be used at Sunbrite Supply. I could use a couple of new hoses.

Thanks Ron!!!
Sweeping, parking lots, apartments, condos,medical facility, strip malls, malls, street sweeping, milling / grinding sweeping, chip seal sweeping, seal coat sweeping, construction sweeping, hoa sweeping, city sweeping, schools, highway sweeping, gov. sweeping, airport sweeping, slurry seal sweeping, race track sweeping, warehouse sweeping, sidewalk sweeping, parking garage sweeping, industrial park sweeping, mobil home park sweeping, mini storage sweeping, business center sweeping, you name it we can sweep it.

any distributer
Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning ( Hood & Duct ), Filter Cleaning, Fan Cleaning, Roof top grease cleanup, Kitchen Equipment degreasing, Kitchen floors powerwashed, Tile and Grout cleaned, Walkin coolers / freezers powerwashed and cleaned, Bakery Rack Cleaning, Oven Cleaning, Smokehouse Cleaning, Dumpster Area powerwashed and cleaned, Kitchen Grease spill cleanup, Loading Docks powerwashed.

I will spend it at any sponsor/distributor/supplier Thank you for your support of the industry.
I may have missed this from others but...Tile and grout restoration, Ice dam removal, warehouse floors, heavy equipment cleaning, paint preparation, wash water recovery.