1/2" ARO Expert Series Pump Special


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I have a limited quantity of ARO 1/2" Poly Pump with Santoprene diaphragms...new in the box. Yes, I normally specialize in buying and rebuilding used pumps, but I couldn't pass these up! Last shipment of these I got in went in about 3 days.

ARO makes essentially two levels of pumps. The regular compact series pumps and the expert series. The expert series are the top of the line and have a more robust air end and more output for the same air input. These normally go for $649. I have 7 of them selling at $295 plus shipping each. Once these are gone...that is all there is. Everybody who has received them in the first batch is thrilled...these are NICE pumps!

Call Kevin at 360-831-9494.
See the website at http://deadmoss.com/the-pump-man-roof-cleaning.html