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  1. The Cleaner

    Bulk Chlorine?

    I have a big job down in the Bradenton/Sarasota area of FL. Do any of u guys know where I can find a distributor of bulk chlorine? Even a pool store in the area that has a fill line? Thanks Nick
  2. The Cleaner

    Great read for all patriots

    A MOMENT OF TRUTH IF YOU DARE. Do not make the mistake made by the tens of millions who, fatally, underestimated the resolve of Stalin, of Hitler, of Mussolini, of Pol Pot, of Chairman not underestimate the seething malignancy in Washington DC who wrap themselves in the American flag...
  3. The Cleaner

    Our industry is now obsolete

    The industry is doomed !!
  4. The Cleaner

    Soft Roof Wash Trinity FL

    Champions Club Trinity FL Soft Roof Wash & Paver Sealing
  5. The Cleaner

    Re:Doing the old beast

    Re:Doing the old beast Picked up some new equipment and moved some stuff around, the Beast is still Alive and making Money !! Also going to try out the Ground force thursday and see how she works with 10gpm @3500 psi?
  6. The Cleaner

    Ex-Employee Gone Mad...

    I can get Rocco a full time gig just dealing with Douche Bags in our industry...he's real good at it!! He charges by the piece.
  7. The Cleaner

    New employee

    His/Her name is Pat, I am to scared to ask.
  8. The Cleaner

    Gas Station Canopy Cleaning

    There is alot of info here if u do a search. I use a strong H/W mix and downstream it.
  9. The Cleaner

    Here is some Guy porn !!

    New M&P Shield 9mm, and I found a bunch of ammo today as well....Good Day !!
  10. The Cleaner

    Soft Roof Cleaning Corey Isles Tampa FL

    Here is a Softwash Roof Cleaning we did in Tampa FL Going back after they paint to do the pavers.
  11. The Cleaner

    LED Hats

  12. The Cleaner


    The Chicago Bears had the perfect team, but the only thing missing was a good quarterback. The head coach had scouted all the colleges and even the Canadian and European Leagues, but he couldn't find a ringer who could ensure a Super Bowl win. Then one night while watching CNN he saw a war-zone...
  13. The Cleaner

    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    My son with his first girlfriend
  14. The Cleaner

    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    My son and his wife, shit I am old !!
  15. The Cleaner

    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    My Daughter and 2 graddaughters
  16. The Cleaner

    Soft Roof Cleaning & Concrete Drive & Walks

    Here is a real nice house in Ivy Lakes, Odessa FL
  17. The Cleaner

    Who Invented or founded What in Our industry ???

    Jim Gamble with his first steam powered P/W
  18. The Cleaner

    Past transportation just for fun

    I have had to many cars to remember, but this one was always my favorite.