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  1. Mike Hughes

    Internet Explorer 7

    Chris, You're not missing much! While IE7 is a big improvement over 6, I find it to be a resource hog. It often gets hung up. The only reason why I continue to use it is for the "Send to OneNote" function..........since I use the program Microsoft OneNote pretty heavily. Do...
  2. Mike Hughes

    PWNA Yesterday!

    Who thought that title up? That is just too funny.......I love it. Mike
  3. Mike Hughes

    It's been a very long time......

    Hi there! Let me apologize in advance for my verbosity, but it has been a long time…… I just figured I'd pop in and say hello. I have spent very little time in the last two years on bulletin boards..........quite a contrast to years past. I have almost completely changed industries. I...
  4. Mike Hughes

    Power Washing Nuclear Reactor Cooling Towers

    Yea, I wish. Imagine the red tape involved in this job.........hypotheically. I was on a sales call last year near Three Mile Island.........the guys house was about a 5 minute drive down the road. I snapped the pics just for fun. Notice the bottoms are dismantled on two of the...
  5. Mike Hughes

    What I've been up to..........

    Hi all, I just logged on the other night for the first time in almost a year. In that time, I took on a full time job in addition to running my business. I worked most of 2005 as a salesperson for a large home improvement company, selling vinyl siding, windows, roofing, gutters...
  6. Mike Hughes

    Reliable means to winterize?

    Is using an air compressor to blow the water out of a pump/hoses a reliable way to winterize a power washer? I have two washers side by side on my trailer. About a month ago, the connecting rod broke on one of my B&S Vanguard 18hp engines. I did not repair or replace that engine yet...
  7. Mike Hughes

    Changes to come.....Stay Tuned

    In the near future, some changes will be made to the board and the way it is run. The details are being worked out now, but will most likely take some be patient, please. Anyone that is willing to help as far as moderating and/or administering the board.........please email me...
  8. Mike Hughes

    Next Chapter meeting in New Jersey?

    When is the next chapter meeting in New Jersey?
  9. Mike Hughes

    Surviving Winter $$$$$

    Winter has been the biggest challenge my business has faced over the years. It has almost put me under on more then one occasion. For those of you in colder regions, what strategy do you employ to survive winter and pay your bills? Currently, we offer gutter cleaning/repair...
  10. Mike Hughes


    Does anyone keep their employees over winter by placing them on unemployment? I did it last year for one of my guys and it worked out pretty well. He was still allowed to work a partial schedule, which was fine since that was all we could work anyway. What do you do with your employees...
  11. Mike Hughes

    Is anyone doing Gutter Cleaning?

    So, who's got their mind in the gutter this fall? We're in primetime gutter cleaning season here in Pennsylvania. I just wish we had more hours of daylight to accomplish it all. I expect to be working right up until at least Christmas. Last year I think New Years Eve was our stopping...
  12. Mike Hughes

    How long should you keep...........?

    I'm going through my lateral file and purging any paperwork that is no longer needed. I was wondering if anyone knows how long you need to keep insurance policies? I have policy renewals for auto and liabliity dating back a few years, but I can't see any reason to keep any of them...
  13. Mike Hughes

    No Fax Machine?? No Problem!

    Check out Your faxes get downloaded right into your email........only print the ones you want.......or simply keep it saved on the computer. I also have mine set up to email my cell phone whenever I get a I know one is waiting for me.
  14. Mike Hughes

    It's freezing!

    It looks like we are going to get below freezing temps for the first time this year :eek: ..............and so the downward spiral to winter begins. Those of you in the colder regions, don't forget to take the proper precautions to protect your equipment and chemicals from freezing. :cool:
  15. Mike Hughes

    Testing #2

  16. Mike Hughes


  17. Mike Hughes

    PWI blue color (style)

    If you would like to view the board more like it was in years past, with the typical "PWI Blue" this: When you are on the main forum home page, scroll all the way down to the bottom. On the left hand side is a drop down list, choose "Vbulletin 2 Default". This will make...
  18. Mike Hughes

    Selling 1989 Ford E-350 Box Truck

    I am selling my box truck. Lately all it has been used for is gutter cleaning, which I can do with any size van........I dont need this big of a truck. It's a 1989 Ford E-350, 5000 miles on a rebuilt 351 V8 (gas) engine, Automatiic, 145K, 14' box, white in color. Dual rear wheels...
  19. Mike Hughes

    PWI is now "open"

    The board is now open for anyone to view, the entire thing.......and search it.......and email members......even if they are not registered. The only thing a non registered person can't do is post. I have even entertained the thought of making a special forum for non registered users to...
  20. Mike Hughes

    New Improvements Forum/Category

    At the top of the page is a new category for discussing the improvements to the site. Please put new threads in there regarding such matters, and I will soon move all of the current threads to that location. Thanks!