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  1. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Tallahassee, Florida Soft Wash Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing

    We here at Capital Roof Wash and Exterior Cleaning wanted to share a few "before and after" pictures of an asphalt shingle roof and house wash we completed here in Tallahassee, Florida. 80% of the homeowners roofs that we service do not need to be replaced but simply cleaned with our Soft Wash...
  2. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Ray Lewis - Thug or Role Model?

    I am just flabergasted as to how the media is making this guy to be a role model to our children. The similarities between O.J. Simpson and Ray Lewis are scary. Two murders, two aquitals and two guilty civil suits. Murder trial Following a Super Bowl XXXIV party in Atlanta on January 31...
  3. Tally Roof Cleaning

    General Pump - Hammerhead repair

    I think the swivel assembly blew out on my GP - Hammerhead. (This one doesn't have the zerk fitting). Should I try the minor repair kit, major repair kit or just buy a new swivel assembly (with a zerk fitting)? Here is a link for parts but will buy from vendors here if they have them...
  4. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Asphalt driveway

    I had some roof mix get on an asphalt driveway around the bottom of the gutters and across the width of the driveway. I bagged the gutters and rinsed afterwards but the custome called and said their was "chaulky" looking streaks running across the driveway. I thought I saw someone else post...
  5. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Open you eyes!

    Please do me a favor and visit The Drudge Report. The Liberal Left has taken control of the media and sites like the Drudge Report are one of the very very few media outlets that actually report real current events that the others won't.
  6. Tally Roof Cleaning

    For everyone who hasn't seen the movie, "2016: Obama's ," here it is in it's entirety

    For everyone who hasn't seen the movie, "2016: Obama's ," here it is in it's entirety For those who have not been to a theater to see "2016: Obama's America" here it is for free. Every American should see it at least once.
  7. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Asbestos shingle cleaning

    Asbestos is a sketchy subject especialy if you want it removed. Many older homes have asbestos shingles on them and homeowners want them replaced even though they do not leak. They practicly last forever as long as they are not broken. So why replace them just because they look ugly? Lighter...
  8. Tally Roof Cleaning

    How to remove roof stains

    Call Capital Roof Wash :grin:
  9. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing - Tallahassee, FL

    This algae covered roof made our top ten list of roof cleaning before and after pics. The shingles are only ten years old and in great condition but just had dark stains from GCM algae and was easily removed with the only approved method by the largest shingle manufactured in North America...
  10. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Tallahassee roof cleaning and pressure washing

    Another black, algea covered roof returned back to it's original color! Once again, the homeowner had no idea that this was the original color of his shingles and was pleased to have his roof and home soft washed along with a bright driveway after being pressure washed. There were a few people...
  11. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Green Apple - Floramask

    Is anyone using Green Apple made by Floramask? I know alot of people don't care to use it but we opt to splash our mix with and want to shop some better prices. I have been getting it from a company out of N.C. because I refuse to do business with a company out of Tampa (not gonna name names)...
  12. Tally Roof Cleaning

    House water pressure - volume

    I bit the bullet and I'm adding on residential flat work to go along with the roof cleaning biz (sidewalks-driveways). I went with a 3700 psi, 4 gpm, 13 hp Honda and a 20" Hammerhead. My question is ... will normal house pressure starve the pump or will it be fine. I just don't want to burn up...
  13. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Roof Cleaning ~ Pressure Washing YouTube Vid

    Remember the sock puppet? What car commercial did the song come from? :grin:
  14. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Roof Stain Removal and Shingle Cleaning Tallahassee, Florida

    Another happy Tallahassee home owner afer they saw the original color of their shingles after this roof cleaning was completed. Pressure washing the concrete walk way our free bonus!
  15. Tally Roof Cleaning

    Hello From Tallahassee

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say hello. I'm a member on a few other boards and look forward to reading and contributing on this one also! Thanks, Ray