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    Tim Hays

    Tim, Please call me. I have some work you may be interested in that I just cannot get to because of school. Warren Smathers 704-491-8096
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    Happy Birthday Tim Hays!!

    Best of luck to you and your family. Many happy returns.
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    September 11

    As most of you know, I am a volunteer EMT in a local rescue squad. Today, I was a driver in one of the memorial processions through the county, and it was a truly moving experience. It brought chills and tears to pass schools with hundreds of children each waving a flag. Also, to drive past a...
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    Water Restrictions

    Tim, I have seen a definite drop on the residential side. I believe this is due to the combination of water restrictions and vacation time. I did some jobs in Cabarrus County, which is much worse off than Mecklenburg and was told that all commercial applications were exempt. We can only...
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    Attn Jon the Flat Surface Guru!!

    Hey Jon, I have a question about flat surface cleaners. I use one only occasionally and am never satisfied with the results. I go over the surface in one direction, then again across the grain and still end up doing almost the entire surface with a turbo nozzle. I run an RK-31 with a 30"...
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    Job Pics

    Test. Hope the pics come through.
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    Thanks Beth!! HD-80 Rocks!!

    Guys, I am not one to gush over new products, but HD-80 is really super stuff. I did a strip job with it today and it took less than half the time it would have taken using other chemicals. Exercise caution, though, because the stuff will give you some wicked burns. Thanks again Beth.
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    Starter Finicky

    Hey Mr. Wizard, My RK-31 has a quirk where it won't start unless the gun is held open. If you try to start it without the gun being held open, the pressure builds up to 3200 and it just won't start. IF you release the pressure, it still won't start. It only starts if you hold the trigger...
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    Pricing on Wood Playsets

    Can anyone give me some help on estimating wooden playsets? I know how to figure decks, but need some help here. Thanks in advance.
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    Teledex Postcards

    Ron, Where do you get those teledex postcards? I can't seem to find them at OfficeMax or Office Depot. Thanks.
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    Chemical Manufacturers

    I would like to get the input from the collective experience of the board members regarding the different chemical companies' products. I know there are a million different companies out there, but for now I would like to compare Delco and Hotsy. I have ready access to Hotsy, and obviously...
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    Remote Control Units

    Is anyone using one of the wireless remote control units from Mechatronics? Would like to know how well they work. Seems like a great way to speed up two step washing for a one man rig.