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  1. Deckcareplus

    Printer died today.

    Printer died today. Looking to upgrade anyways to a all purpose printer/fax/scanner. Anyone have any recommendations on one? Looking for a good printer that doesn't rape you with high costs of replacement cartridges.
  2. Deckcareplus

    Composite deck issue after cleaning

    Chris, Here is a before pic.
  3. Deckcareplus

    Composite deck issue after cleaning

    Anyone ever have a problem with remaining residue left after cleaning a composite deck? Used a blend of s&h and detergent.
  4. Deckcareplus

    Proposal makeover help needed

    Hi everyone. Been awhile since I have posted. Need to redo my residential proposals. Anyone mind sharing what there using right now? Thanks in advance.
  5. Deckcareplus

    Hw trailer rig for sale in Pennsylvania

    Looking to make a quick sale on this rig. Needs some work on the burner and trailer brakes but unit is work ready for the most part. Asking $3500.00 but price is very negotiable.
  6. Deckcareplus

    Trailer rig set up for sale

    Selling one of my trailer rigs. Tuff hot/cold skid unit (low hours) on 10 ft. custom flat bed dual axle trailer. 300 gallon water tank, two reel quick hose reels, 18 hp Vanguard gas engine with 20 gallon auxiliary fuel tank. Not the pretties looking rig but a good strong machine. Asking...
  7. Deckcareplus

    Trailer rig for sale

    Looking to sell one of my trailer rigs. It's a 5.6 gpm, 3000 psi hot/cold belt driven Tuff unit mounted on a 10ft. custom trailer with a 300 gallon water tank. Asking $3500 obo
  8. Deckcareplus

    Whatever happened to Steve Stephens?

    Anybody know what happened to Steve Stephens of Hydrotech? He seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth.
  9. Deckcareplus

    Calling all trailer owners

    I am in the process of rigging my smaller ford V6 pick up for trailering. I wanted to ask if you guys or gals towing have tranny coolers on thier tow vehicles?
  10. Deckcareplus

    Does pw decks cause CCA contamination?

    Thought I would post this in regards to the statements I have read that pressure washing CCA decks causes contamination. This is the second time I have heard this and thought it should be addressed. I just read the second from a gentleman Tim Carter who has a website designed for the...
  11. Deckcareplus

    Insurance Claim Publication

    Have any of you heard of 'The Claims Pages"? It's apparantely a publication put out by Nationwide Publishing Co. and is distributed to Insurance adjusters. They want me to put an ad in there publication and say that it will brin me work for insurance jobs. I have never heard of them. If any...
  12. Deckcareplus

    Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

    To all you guys and gals on this bbs. Just would like to wish you all a very blessed Christmas and a profitable and peaceful new year. I would also like to specially thank Mike Hughes for all your support and help this past year. Mike was a big help to me in servicing the customers I...
  13. Deckcareplus

    What to charge

    I have been offered to bid on washing a local vending companies trucks and vans. I don't usually offer this kind of service but since things are rather slow right now I am considering it. What are the normal pricing charges of this service? Do you just spray and go? Or do you actually...
  14. Deckcareplus

    Contact program for Macs

    Looking for a good contact management program for my Macintosh computer. Anyone know of any?
  15. Deckcareplus

    Adding lights

    I am interested in adding some exterior mounted lights to my skid unit. I only have a 12 V machine. Is this possible without a generator?
  16. Deckcareplus

    Surge Brake systems

    Problem with my surge brakes activating on my trailer when I back up. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this?
  17. Deckcareplus

    Looking for deck subcontactors

    Looking for experienced sub-contractors to clean and seal townhome decks in the Chester County, PA area. Must be fully insured and have referances. Contact me at 610-584-7896. Rick-Deck Care Plus
  18. Deckcareplus

    Asphalt truck washing

    Hi all, This is a forum I am not accustomed to posting in. Looking for some assistance with a job I need to bid on. This is one I have never done before. Need idea on pressure washing a few trucks for an asphalt laying company. I have a hot water unit but have no idea on what kind of...
  19. Deckcareplus

    Flojet ?

    Hi Wiz, Got a dumb question? I was given a Flojet pump from a friend can you tell me which side is the inlet side? I cannot tell...sorry! :(