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  1. Luis Orts

    (read inside) I'm giving away a FREE website.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, for those of you who know me, well... No need for an introduction. But for those of you who don't, my name is Luis Michael Orts, and last year I started Revitalize. Before starting Revitalize, I've been studying internet marketing and developing websites for about 2 years...
  2. Luis Orts

    Thread on Sales: Nearly nine months later, it's starting to make sense...

    Hey everyone, I hope you're ready for the holidays! The purpose of this thread is to talk a little bit about my findings in the few months I've been in this business and something I've learned specifically about larger sales in commercial work, since all I've really been accustomed to were much...
  3. Luis Orts

    Do you hang Christmas lights?

    I've been asked by a few people if I do this, and I didn't say no... but I didn't say yes... and if I decide to do it, I'd like to a great job doing it lol Doesn't seem like rocket science, but are there any pointers I should know going into it? I do know commercial lights are critical.. I do...
  4. Luis Orts

    [Question]: Building the Empire?

    For those of you who don't know me well... I have been in business for a relatively short period of time, and I have definitely learned a lot in the past year. I'm not exactly where I'd like to be, and I don't have some of the knowledge others have... But I have progressed a lot since day one...
  5. Luis Orts

    Hydraulic oil spill on pavers!

    I'm looking to clean some pavers on Monday that had a hydraulic oil spill... VERY HIGH END CLIENT!!!!!!!!! Help? Any tips? Suggestions? Chems? Dwell time? I do have hot water.
  6. Luis Orts

    Do you use newsletters or special reports?

    Do you use newsletters or special reports? Curious to know if anybody uses information to sell as opposed to hard sales/hard marketing?
  7. Luis Orts

    From now on, This is how I will get paid...

    Just to keep you guys in the know... I've been stiffed for roughly almost 3k this year. That's a bummer I know... What I realize is I've been WAY TOO LEINIENT in how I take payments... I was accepting payment however I could, and I haven't been pushing an exact criteria on how I get paid. So...
  8. Luis Orts

    Ohhhh you know... Just a new video... Whipped it up in 20 minutes! Let me know what you guys think? It would be awesome if you gave me a few thumbs up if you liked it! It wouldn't hurt for you to check out our website either and see our progress! ;)
  9. Luis Orts

    Just another day for Revitalize ;)

    Serps looking good. SEO is on point!
  10. Luis Orts

    Removing Chrorinated Rubber from a Warehouse?

    I've got a customer who wants to remove roughly 1k linear feet of roughly 1/2" chlorinated rubber... I was thinking to bead or sandblast it, but was just curious if you guys have ever been able to pressure wash in a situation like this?
  11. Luis Orts

    House Wash Mix MSDS?

    LOL I have this guy super worried about washing his building and he keeps asking me about the MSDS of my "Detergent" What do I even tell him? He wants me to go as far as to email the city of houston and ask whether or not it is permissible to use my "Detergent" and let it flow to the...
  12. Luis Orts

    Proper Methods to Removing Gum?

    Even though my employee's have not had any issues with gum removal YET... I see a lot of hack jobs when I'm walking down some shopping centers. I have a few questions.. 1) What do you do to prevent "Zorro" marks? 2) If you clean a property that has these marks, what can you do to make it look...
  13. Luis Orts

    Having an issue with my Water Dragon.

    For some reason or another, I can't get my burner to turn on... Not sure what's wrong with it, but it's not drawing the fuel from the tank it's in... Can someone help me troubleshoot it?
  14. Luis Orts

    Which Generator?

    Looking to power a PEV2, a light source from Home Depot, and a billy goat. Any suggestions?
  15. Luis Orts

    What CRM are you using?

    I'm trying to fine tune the systems in my business and I find it incredibly hard to keep up with clientele without a CRM system (Excel just isn't cutting it for me) What do you guys do to ensure you're following up with ALL of your leads? whether they're hot or cold. Any suggestions or tips...
  16. Luis Orts

    Questions you ask to qualify your "BREAD & BUTTER" clients.

    Hey guys, Luis Michael Orts here with Revitalize... Just wanted to ask some of our seasoned veterans here in the forums... What are some of the questions you ask to qualify your best customers and what are they typically looking for when they buy into your services? Something to think...
  17. Luis Orts

    Pricing on regular maintenance

    I need a little help pricing a regular maintenance... I know what I need to make per man hour to meet our goal for the month... but I'm not sure if I'm understanding everything on the pricing. If someone would email me, that would be awesome.
  18. Luis Orts

    AHA moment for using chemicals!

    Just doing some research and I'm not sure if I just discovered gravity, or I'm just being like Christopher Columbus when he "Found America"... But if you neutralize the PH of your waste water in a recovery tank, could you not just dump on the landscape anyways? (With the owners permission of...
  19. Luis Orts

    Marketing tip for the week!

    Just giving back to the community that has given so much to me... When and if you lock in a bid.. Follow up between 10-15 days (after payment) and ask the person who hired you on why it is they chose you over the competition. Not only will it give you an excuse to stay "top-of-mind", but...
  20. Luis Orts

    People in Houston are F.....

    I'm talking to this lady from the Houston area in regards to wash water and waste water and I started to ask her about diversion... And all she could tell me was that if I didn't pick up the water and transport it to a treatment facility, I would get a citation and a ticket if I were caught...