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  1. swrest

    Train Engines??

    Generators and locos are indeed very much alike, here is a pic of cleaning 16 cyl gen set. The areas are tight so plan on using a small wand. As well increase your hourly $$ by at least 50% due to the increased exposure to liability.
  2. swrest

    NJ interior class

    Class is this Saturday......still some spots left, we will haveing great deals on equipment from Sirocco!!! $$$$$ off!!!!! Learn a great revenue stream, make $$$ in the winter or just add it on as another great revenue stream!!! PROVEN methodology, PROVEN sales techniques, increase you sales...
  3. swrest

    200 gallon leg tank

    Extra heavy duty leg tank Markings say 200 gallon, but looks like it it takes another 30-50 gallons. This is an unusual tank. $250.00 60L X 24W X 32H 941-284-9553 Joe Crowder
  4. swrest

    BIG Money On Cleaning Interiors all YEAR ROUND$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    More great winter work!!! Thank you all for your compliments. They are more then appreciated! I want to keep everyone up on some more great ideas fro winter work. My company has been cleaning pizza/conveyor ovens for many years. We have maintained a steady customer list for conveyor ovens...
  5. swrest

    Proud new PAPA~!!

    I am a proud NEW PAPA!!!! My first 60 footer all in one!!
  6. swrest

    Good machine Good little machine that can be used as is or adapted for PW'ing
  7. swrest

    BIG Money On Cleaning Interiors all YEAR ROUND$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    This was actualy a Popeys, a greasy mess for sure, but it being in the "other" end of town, they just paint over dirt and grease.....we just brought in the surface cleaner in for safety.... They have since served me this beuaty----->>> Popeys......
  8. swrest

    A city fine North Port must pay EPA $11,000 in fines By John Davis Published: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 1:28 p.m. Last Modified: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 1:28 p.m. NORTH PORT - A one-hour delay is costing North Port more than $11,000...
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    7 way to make your customers love you!

    Never assume. You may think you know what . But what if you're wrong? The main reason such a high percentage of new businesses fail is because those companies are trying to create demand where there isn’t any, or they're built around untested or unproven ideas that are hard pressed to attract...
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    All Stainless 12" surface cleaner

    Great little suraface cleaner, Sirocco built, make me an offer, must sell due to injury. VERY FAST 800-661-5349'
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    Apple Roof Cleaning on Wikipedia

    While writing a paper on the roof cleaning industry I decided to search Wikipedia for just that "roof cleaning", look at the page and you will see a pic of Chris Tuckers roof rig.
  12. swrest

    Cool reclaim idea Looks like it would work well, and cheaper then a vac surface cleaner from retail.
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    Selling some domains

    For sale: CLEANRESTAURANTFLOORS.COM FRIENDLYHOUSESERVICES.COM LOOKINGGOODCARPETS.COM have some others as well that will compliment the others (mispellings) Call me to discuss Joe 800-661-5349 ext. 4 Cell 941-412-6157
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    Job lead

    Got a call from a guy, Eric Oberg, needs 2500+ sq foot of Terazo tile cleaned, maybe sealed.214-458-8251 This is a homeowner job so price accordingly. Dallas Area Good Luck <!-- / message --><!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_sig --><!-- END TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_sig...
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    R10 John Bean & 315' 800psi ag hose

    R10 John Bean 10 gpm @ 500psi pump 315 feet of 1/2" yellow ag hose 800 psi make offer cell 941-320-3095 bean pump is good for wash down and 40+ foot washing
  16. swrest

    ad chanels

    DO you think it matters what style of ad delivery matters? So at least for the benifit of this thread lets just say that all of the methods we are comparing keep a uniformed cost lets say .65 per peice of material, that includes direct mail, bulk mail, in person, manualy throwing or handing out...
  17. swrest

    Here's a game changer Tampa, FL - Consumer experts agree it is important to do your homework before doing business with anyone. One state agency just made it easier than ever to check a company's background. Florida's Department of...
  18. swrest

    Little giant ladders

    7 -little giant model -- type 1a model 26 -- 6 months old -- $390.00 each 4- little giant model -- type 1a model 13 -- 6 months old --$250.00 each Want to sell all as a group. 941-320-3095
  19. swrest

    Strobes for sale POLICE STYLE with brake controller

    White police style strobe lights, these are the hidden type that the cops use . WHITE ONLY, very brite. Has power supply and wiring leads with instructions. Can take CC for this if you need. $150.00 will ship immediately I also found a bundle of other strobes, these are also hidden style...