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  1. propressurewashing

    New To Recovery And Recycle

    I have been pressure washing for over 10 years and we do a bunch of residential (60+ jobs a month) and some commercial but I have mostly avoided the city of Houston because of the waste water laws and the headaches involved. I am working on a bid to clean literally MILLIONS of square feet of...
  2. propressurewashing

    GPS For Tracking Trailers

    Is anyone tracking their trailers using gps? I finally bit the bullet and rented a storage unit instead of my own garage so I want to make sure they don't go "missing" and want to make sure I have an accurate account of twhen they leave in the morning and when they come back. Any experience in...
  3. propressurewashing

    Is Dawn Escapes Dish Soap, Caribbean Breeze Stable in Bleach?

    I really prefer the scent of Dawn Escapes Dish Soap, Caribbean Breeze but is it okay to mix and store with bleach the way original scent is? The in ingredients appear to be the same: Sulfuric acid, mono-C10-16-alkylesters, sodium saltsSulfuric acid,mono-C10-16-alkylesters, sodium saltsNo...
  4. propressurewashing

    Washing New RV's and Travel Trailers

    I got a contract to wash 200-250 new Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels Monthly. He was paying $8 per unit but the guy only made it through about 20 units and quit. I got him up to $13 but it took a 4 man crew 3 days to do 179. This was the first time many had been cleaned so they have been there...
  5. propressurewashing

    Anyone Using Facebook Ads?

    Is anyone using facebook ads? If so how effective have you found them to be and how do you measure it? Are you boosting your posts or creating ads or videos or what has worked best? Has anyone used a service to set this all up for them and/or for adwords? Thanks in advance! Daniel Simmons...
  6. propressurewashing

    What Shirt Material Is Best With Bleach?

    So it's time to buy new shirts (again) and I would like to look at options other than white but I am afraid of what bleach would do. Is there a type of fabric that is not impacted by the bleach the way cotton is? Thanks, Daniel Simmons Pressure Washing America, LLC
  7. propressurewashing

    Roof Cleaning With Christmas Lights Up?

    We cleaned a roof on Friday that had Christmas lights up on the gutters and peaks. I didn't think much of it other that I would have to be extra careful with the hoses and ladder. Now the customer says they are tripping his gfci?? They are obviously supposed to be waterproof so how would our...
  8. propressurewashing

    Blog Commenting and Guest Posting Anyone?

    So we all know the importance of relevant backlinks for seo....right? Any what could be more relevant than another pressure washing website that doesn't compete against you....right? And having fresh content on your own site that is unique, relevant and well written is good for seo....right...
  9. propressurewashing anyone?

    SO I generally don't use these sorts of sites because the leads are pretty low quality and the job goes to the lowest bidder....if anyone at all. I am considering and wonder if anyone has success stories or horror stories? Any experience with similar sites working better or...
  10. propressurewashing

    13hp or 22hp for ts2021

    So I am certain a question like this has been posed before but the answer always seems a little unclear so... I have (had) an 11hp and ts2021 doing 3000 @ 4 belt drive and I destroyed the engine. I am going to get a predator but not sure whether to go with the 13hp or 22hp. Its the basic...
  11. propressurewashing

    Acid Stained Concrete

    So I need to do a bid to clean the concrete around a restaurant. Heavy black greasy foot paths and tracks from where the trash goes out. Thing is - it is acid stained concrete. I can see where someone has already damages it trying to remove gum I suppose. My question is - how would you...
  12. propressurewashing

    Anyone interested in swapping home page links for SEO?

    I have a few EMD's that I am just using as placeholders at this point but that have some link juice they could distribute (just not to any of my own sites for obvious reasons). They are PR1 - I may have a PR 2...Anyone interested in exchanging text links from one of these to your home page, from...
  13. propressurewashing

    Anyway to get this pump to unload into a tank? 67dx39g1i cat I have almost overheated this bad boy a few times now since my other machine does unload into the tank I just don't think about it and let it run for a good. Any way to plumb it to go to a tank...
  14. propressurewashing

    Did I make a discovery or it this old news?

    I finally figured out how to remove the ugly stains "tire shine" leaves in nearly every driveway I clean. Question is - am I Christopher Columbus or just the latest illegal alien? Daniel Simmons Power Washing Missouri City
  15. propressurewashing

    Ever Had To Sue A Customer??

    I'm about a day away from suing a customer for non-payment. He started out as a weirdo (wouldn't give me his address, introduced me to his dog, etc....) and then turned into a total douche (refusing to pay me and trying to intimidate me with legal jargon)! I did the work at his house and...
  16. propressurewashing

    Can't Get Full Pressure??

    I have a Landa that should put out 3.5 at 3000 psi but it will only bounce around between 2100 and 2200 with the 4.0 nozzle. I recently replaced the gas tank, spark plug, carburetor, and air filter so I think the engine is running fine. Any idea why it might do that? Do I need to rebuild the...
  17. propressurewashing

    Pressure Washing Trailer Video

    I've been putting my "new" trailer together and got it pretty much all finished a few months ago so I wanted to make a video to see if anyone had any suggestions or maybe someone could learn from all my trial and error! Here's a link:
  18. propressurewashing

    Burner Issue

    I have a Hydrotek with a Beckett Burner and it has worked fine for about a year - but I rarely use it. The other day I needed heat and used it for the first time in about a month. It worked for about 10 minutes and just stopped heating. I assumed I was out of Diesel so didn't think much of it...
  19. propressurewashing

    Utility Pump For Roof Cleaning

    Anyone ever tried a utility pump for roof cleaning or soft washing like this -> Seems like it would work..not sure if the bleach would kill it. I just keep having...
  20. propressurewashing

    Remove Hard Water Build Up Off Brick???

    Anyone ever had any luck removing hard water builduo from sprinklers off of brick walls??? I never have but I'd like to learn how. I have some One Restore and I can get some Muriatic acid. I know oxalic acid doesn't work nor will the ZEP brand of products... What have you used? How do you...