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    Washer & Surface Cleaner for sale

    Sorry but a long, sad reason for selling these pieces... I started Solar Kleen with a partner but after equipping the company, I decided to branch off under a different name. It was a situation where I didn't want to ruin a friendship with a business venture so we agreed to both launch pw...
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    Low budget start-up washer

    With all the start-up costs associated and a limited budget, what woukd you buy? Given about $1,000, would you buy 1 commercial grade unit or 2 heavy duty units to get through for now. Already factored into the budget is everything else needed to support and maintain the units including...
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    Hello from NJ

    Hi All, Joined the board to learn the business and have a ton a questions but before I become really annoying, I figured I'd start with a hello and a little about me. Been out of work for 6 months and need a life change so after 20 years as a designer/art director, I'm launching a power...