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  1. JRHernandez88

    How to remove old sealer?

    Have a customer with a brick patio that wants it re-sealed. It has failed sealer all over the surface and I want to know whats the best way to remove it? Also would Seal-N-Lock be a good sealer to seal this with? Here are some pics.
  2. JRHernandez88


    wrong forum
  3. JRHernandez88

    Backpack Sprayers & Pump Ups

    Saw a guy doing a fence with a backpack sprayer and was wondering if anyone on here has ever used one for fences and decks. I was thinking about trying it out and just cleaning it out real well after every use and go from there but don't really want to waste the money if you know it wont work...
  4. JRHernandez88

    Advise Wanted - 2 story Stone House

    I got a 2 story stone home to clean next week and was wondering how some of you would clean this. I was thinking about x-jetting a strong mix of straight 10% and simple cherry with my 3.5 gpm machine. Is there such thing as too strong of a mix for houses? I want to let the chemical do most of...
  5. JRHernandez88

    Surface Cleaner Question

    I have a 3.5 GPM 4000 PSI Machine that i use with my 20" surface cleaner. I know the set-up is a bit big for my machine. Can I change the tips to make it work more efficiently with my set-up? Also, been cleaning a lot of 2 story stone/brick homes. I bought the telescoping wand but do not like...
  6. JRHernandez88

    House Mix, Concrete Mix - What is popular with you all?

    Hey guys like I said in the introductions I am fairly new to the industry and am just getting to know about the different products out here. I was looking to see what are the mixes that work best for you all? I am going to change my chemicals on the next batch. I am down streaming with a...
  7. JRHernandez88

    Chemical Injection Problem

    Equipment: NorthStar 3.5GPM 4000 PSI pressure washer - Heater add-on unit - With the 50ft hose the chemical is getting picked up but when I try it with a...