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    permission to view page?

    trying to view the clean water act
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    soft washing video

    Doug, what mixes did you use to do the house in your soft wash video?
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    Had a nice conversation with Paul this morning about an order and I just wanted to say that Paul is awesome and gave me lots of helpful advice along with my order. Thanks man Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk 2
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    Print invoice from phone

    Working on finding a printer and app that will allow me to use quickbooks online to print from my phone .... invoices on the go! Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk 2
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    I cannot get it set up on my droid x2 for some reason... it won't take the forum page! Any thoughts on this?
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    Difference in hoses

    Looking to buy new hoses for my new machine, and goodyear has some hoses like the neptunes... but what is going to be the difference between a 1 wire hose and a 2 wire hose? I want it to be flexible but strong and non marking.
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    Where to buy caustic beads? Pressure Washing

    I have been looking for caustic beads and can't find them anywhere except from lowe's as a drain opener or from any suggestions?
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    white concrete after what appears to be muratic acid

    I want to start by saying happy easter! I went and looked a a job yesterday at a store where someone cleaned just the enterance's with a pressure washer and muratic acid. Well it left it all discolored, enterances being normal concrete color with some yellowish places (not normal) and the...
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    use of swimming pool chlorine to make concentrate to down stream

    I have an idea about a cleaning agent, bleach.... it is commonly used for household cleaning including vinyl siding. I am wondering if you can take a large container, say 55 gallon drum and fill it with water then add 1 chlorine tablet that is used for swimming pools to make a drum of siding...