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    cat pump parts

    looking for parts for a cat 290, its producing no pressure at all so I took the head off and saw that this rubber type material had worn off this round metal piece I believe its called the back-up ring also the seal retainers are cracked. Is there a place that sales these parts seperate without...
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    plumbing tank

    i know you tried to explain wiz in our chat but i didn't get it my question is,is there a way to plumb a tank and keep the float tank to meter chemicals are can i get rid of the float tank and still meter chemicals?
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    cool site
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    converting to propane

    wiz i read rons post about kerosene are diesel and he touched on using propane as an alternative fuel my question is how to convert a burner to use propane and once converted is there a way to go back to diesel are kerosene at the flip of a switch.thanks
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    just testing