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  1. Lightning Gene

    Time to start downsizing

    What You Need?
  2. Lightning Gene

    New Slimline Water Dragon For Sale

    Model is Water Dragon slimline with external tanks.......Factory fresh .... New Engine 1 hr on it at factory Pump less then 10 hrs New flow switch repack burner 6 months ago Rain Cap 2 man set up new muffler new exhaust wrap new unloader can sell just the skid or rig out a 14 ft trailer
  3. Lightning Gene

    Another Job By Lightning Clean

    Another 77 ft building we cleaned last week.....
  4. Lightning Gene

    New Slimline Water Dragon For Sale

    Call For Details. First Come First Serve 10 gallon per minute 2 man $5000.00
  5. Lightning Gene

    Times are Tough And Times are Hard

    Here is your Christmas Card....
  6. Lightning Gene

    Merry christmas to me

    Just bought myself a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Mid-Size Pickup to do estimates with.
  7. Lightning Gene

    Road trip

    Looks like I am going to take a road trip to Tenn Sunday to take my water dragon to the factory for repair. Local guys can,t figure it out....Hopefully they can get-ur-Done
  8. Lightning Gene

    High Rise

    Anyone set up to clean 5 story building in tx.....Call me
  9. Lightning Gene

    Out for a few days

    Going in hospital for surgery tomorrow. Will be out of pocket for a few days. Hopefully be back home in 2-3 days......
  10. Lightning Gene

    Times Are Tough....Times Are Hard....Heres Is Your Christmas Card
  11. Lightning Gene

    Lightning Clean First

    Sunday we will be cleaning 3 paving machine (asphalt) along with a distributer truck......My first time and maybe my last.....Pics to follow
  12. Lightning Gene

    Astrodome Gets Low Ball Wash

    As it edges closer to its 50th birthday next April, the Astrodome is getting a bath of sorts. This week plans were announced to give the Astrodome, that historic bone of contention for many in the city, a serious power washing. Work should begin at the beginning of December and run until early...
  13. Lightning Gene

    Heavy Duty 10gpm Hot and Cold Pressure Washing Trailer

    Ok everyone says to list it so here it is. .....Turn Key unit........Pics in Ad......Make me an offer I can,t refuse
  14. Lightning Gene

    Venting a Hot Water Skid

    8 inch vent with no back pressure.......Makes a great hand warmer too
  15. Lightning Gene

    Heavy Duty 10gpm Hot and cold Pressure Washing Trailer

    Just bought a new 14ft trailer with new tires which has less than 120 miles to mount my largo 10 gpm skid on and 535 gallon tank. Skid has 30 hp Kohler with 450 hrs and in great shape.( 2 Gun Setup} 2 guns, 2 150ft hoses, stackable hose reels and extras.... Will sell on a first come first sell...
  16. Lightning Gene

    Pressure washing huntsville texas

    Hiring someone because they have a low price for pressure washing or because they have a pickup truck with a water tank on the back, doesn't mean you are going to save money or get a quality job. Just like any other business, a true power washing contractor will have insurance to cover any...
  17. Lightning Gene

    Low ballers @ it again

    Just lost a bid to wash (single story) 20-30 duplexes (1800 sq ft a piece) Top Bid was $76.00 a building......Talk about CHEAP !!
  18. Lightning Gene

    Truck signs done

    Signs were put on today and within a hour had my 1st job because of them.....