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  1. PressureX

    Closing my doors.

    As of July 31st, 2009, Pressure-X Power Washing, LLC will be closing its doors. I wanna thank everybody on here that has helped me, and I met some great people in those past 2 1/2 years. I will be starting my new job this coming Monday, and in about 6 months will be joining the US Army. Once...
  2. PressureX

    Air Force Recruiters .. do you know any?

    Does anyone of yall know any Air Force recruiters? If so, could you PM me? :)
  3. PressureX

    Considering joining the Air Force.

    So ... I've been thinking about it for a while, and in the next 6 months or so I will try to join the Air Force. By try I mean if they let me. The only thing that's holding me back is my wife and 3 kids (2 biological, 1 step-daughter). The Air Force does not like it if you have more than 2...
  4. PressureX

    New Simple Cherry?

    Just got another shipment of Simple Cherry in ... wow, this stuff is baby pink now, real bright ... seems to have a stronger smell too ... What changed?
  5. PressureX

    Jeff LeCours, Mike Cook, and everyone else in MB

    Hope everything is ok with you guys and yalls families. Just saw the news about the fire, stay safe!!
  6. PressureX

    120V vs 12VDC

    I got a question about the main differences between the two. Could somebody tell me the pros and cons between a 12V Hot Water Skid, and a 120V Hot water skid (I know the 120V needs a generator, which has me thinking why anybody would want a 120V in the first place ) I'd appreciate if...
  7. PressureX

    Sleeeep!! Where are you?!

    Im so exhausted, tired, and well, smoking way too much! For the past couple of days our new baby loves just crying on end at night ... possibly colic? She cat naps 5-10 mins at a time then starts again (I got a 5-10 min break right now!) This is crazy ... why can't those little things just...
  8. PressureX

    I need a truck

    Ok, so I am probably on the edge of getting my 1st full out trailer rig ... but my problem is, I have nothing to tow it with! Last I had about $90,000 worth of estimates, but wasn't able to do the jobs because I didn't have the equipment ... basically im broke, but I need to upgrade and start...
  9. PressureX

    My daughter was born ....

    ... at 4:34am EST this morning. We got to the hospital at 4:10am .... too late for any medicine, which means, no epidural ... my poor wife :p Anyways, Abbigail Inara Heinl is doing very good! I will post pictures later on! The internet in the room shes in is pretty bad, hopefully once she...
  10. PressureX

    My logo ... embroidered.

    So I am finally getting some polo shirts made, and I was sent an image of how my logo will look embroidered. As you can see from my sig, my logo has a lot of detail, so I was pretty skeptical about embroidery, but check this out. I attached the image of how it will look embroidered ... not...
  11. PressureX

    How much does your rig weigh?

    Do any of you have any clue how much your rig weighs? Lets say with and without water in the tank (about 250 gallons). Trying to figure out if I might have to upgrade vehicles, lol. Thanks!
  12. PressureX

    Almost the most interesting day of my life.

    So I just have to share this story of what happened earlier, because it had to be one of the most interesting days for me ever. So I was out doing a Residential Property at like 9 this morning, done about 1 side, and on the property next to the one I am cleaning this guy drives up in a Honda...
  13. PressureX

    Realistic Dropcards.

    Check it out, they are also cheaper then another site that I know make them. Almost 50% cheaper to be honest, I just got my first batch in ... their awesome. Just figured I'd let you guys know about it!
  14. PressureX

    Obama Rap Skit. Hilarious.

    I love it :D <embed src="" allowScriptAccess="always" flashvars="scanscoutcode=763&pageurl= I...
  15. PressureX

    Today is the day if you have been looking at Tablet PCs.

    What an awesome offer. One of my favorite websites ( is selling a HP Pavilion 2GHz Dual Core Entertainment Tablet for $699.99 + $5 shipping. Exact Model: HP Tablet TX2525NR AMD 2GHz Turion 3GB DDR2 12.1 WXGA Touch Screen 250GB HDD Vista 64-bit...
  16. PressureX

    Please Register and Sign.

    As an avid Poker Player, I would like to ask all of you to please take 1 minute out of your time to register on this site and vote up on this idea. It literally only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute. And I would greatly appreciate it. If you play Poker online, you know exactly what this "Idea" is...
  17. PressureX

    Google Chrome

    Anybody use the new Web Browser by Google called Google Chrome? It's pretty neat. Im still trying it (im a big Firefox fan though) but it seems really good so far.
  18. PressureX

    Gutter Cleaning robot :o

    Just went to one of my favorite websites ... their selling a Gutter Cleaning Robot, lol. $40 + $5 shipping isnt bad, considering everywhere else this thing sells for $100. is an awesome site, they sell 1 item a day, way cheaper than anywhere else. But anyways, I...
  19. PressureX

    Hey Ron ...

    Or anybody else that knows his/her way around quickbooks. I would like to extract the E-Mail addresses of all clients. Including the ones where I only did estimates, but never did the job (basically everybody in my Customer List) I found an option to export addresses, but that doesn't list...
  20. PressureX

    Does anybody service Dothan, AL?

    Just curious. I know this guy who I was talking to who has a house there and said he needs it done. Just wondering if anybody around here services dothan, al?