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  1. Clear Shine

    Pwra convention 2013 trade show
  2. Clear Shine

    Who all is going to The 2013 PWRA convention in Nashville?

    Give a shout out here if you are going! So far they have 180+ contractors from over 100 companies plus 32 vendor attendees coming to Nashville. The dates are August 24 and 25 at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN You can get all the details here IT'S NOT...
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    2013 PWRA Pressure Washing Convention in Nashville I think this is the complete lineup. There is the general session, trade show, and three tracks of breakout classes so there won’t be any wasted time. April Dodson- Commercial Sales Curt Kempton- Managing...
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    Filling two tanks with a fire hydrant

    While I'm building my new trailer setup, trying to map out the best way I want to fill my (possible) two tanks. I already have a 300 gallon leg tank along with looking at getting a 500 gallon tank. I already have my way set up I am going to fill them (top fill with an air gap), but do I want to...
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    Hose reel bolt width

    Looking for the width on the bolt patterns for Titan and Cox challenger reels. I am having my trailer welded and am going to mount the hose reels on 2" angle and I need to know how far apart to space the angle. I've looked everywhere, but can't find how far apart the holes are. Thanks for the help.
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    Anyone use a domain name broker?

    Thinking about selling May go through a broker if I could find a good one. Anyone used a domain broker?
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    Honda GX630 ignition switch failure

    Yesterday was one of those days where NOTHING went right and everything broke. Surface cleaner handle wouldn't release pressure from the gun so I had to order a new gun. Water issues. Not enough hose issue. ((Yearly customer we do but forgot I needed an extra 100ft for the job, but all our extra...
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    New trailer build

    ....and so it begins....
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    Anyone used a domain broker?

    Thinking about selling May go through a broker if I could find a good one. Anyone used a domain broker?
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    New trailer paint ideas

    I'm looking into now having a trailer custom built, and I am looking for some ideas mainly on the paint. It will be made the way I want it and I'm thinking about going with a 16ft trailer car hauler (no rails) with a customized ladder rack built on it. Since it will be new, I pretty much can...
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    How to figure out PSI when you know the HP and GPM?

    I am looking at different engines and wanted to know is there a formula for finding out how much PSI I would be putting out with knowing the motor size and the gear drive GPM pump.....anyone know?
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    Trailer Rig Stolen

    Guys, my trailer with equipment was stolen Sunday night. If you would watch the video and keep an eye out for any items someone is selling in your area on Craigslist or pawn shops. Big ticket items was a Pressure Pro Hot Water 5.5 gpm skid with a horizontal burner and vanguard engine. Also had...
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    Huntsville Workshop repair video is now in!

    For you guys who took Russ Johnson's repair class, please send me your address you want your free DVD sent to at and I will get your 2 disc DVD set out to you right away. For those of you who missed out on the class, here is your opportunity to purchase the DVD set...
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    Only 3 Days left to register for the Huntsville Workshop!

    Only 3 more days to register for the best marketing/business building workshop of the year! Huntsville Workshop registration signup ends Sunday night @ midnight! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT!
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    Sunday Oct. 28th last day for special rates!

    Sunday night at midnight is the end of the Huntsville Workshop special rate blocked rooms at $80 for double beds. They are sold out of king beds unless they have any of the $100 suite king rooms left, which I doubt. I do not know what the rates will go to after monday morning if you book later...
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    Rooms selling out at the Huntsville Workshop

    Just found out today that all the $80 king bed regular rooms at the Sheraton are sold out. There are I think 8 king size beds in the $100 suites left. If you are needing a King sized bed, call the hotel now to reserve your room for the workshop!! There still are some double bed $80 rooms...
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    Who from PWI is registered to go to the Huntsville Workshop?

    Who all is coming from PWI? I have several that are planning to attend, but havent registered yet. Let's make a list of who is coming and registered... -Doug Rucker -Charlie Soden -Guy Blackmon -Myself -Russ Johnson -Robert Naughton I know there is a bunch of other guys, so help me out here....
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    Only 4 days left to register for russ johnsons repair/maintenance class in huntsville

    ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER for Russ Johnson's Maintenance and repair class at the Huntsville Workshop. Russ runs Southside Equipment out of Louisville, KY. Russ is one of the most respected repair and maintenance experts in the Pressure Washing Industry. Here is your chance to take part in a...
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    Perry Tait from Shanghai, China talks about his speech at the Huntsville Workshop

    Perry Tait will be flying in from Shanghai, China just for the Huntsville Workshop to teach some very advanced ideas and methods! Check out his video! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>