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    Landa PW and Box Truck For Sale

    Landa Pw and Box truck for sale 1989 chev. 12ft box truck, new tires and recently installed used engin(aprox-30k) guarenteed to work to city limits. Landa pghw3500 98hrs Landa water jet (spare 1/4 tips aprox 10) excell 13hp/3500 cold water unit 325gal water tank x-jet and 5 gal tank...
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    Automotive Repair shops

    Been asked to bid on cleaning greassy auto repair shop, several lifting bays( 8 )...Any Idea on pricing??? Hasnt been cleaned in...who knows when.. any and all help on this would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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    Some good weeks some not so good

    Building a busness is hard work. Some weeks are good, work wise, and pay wise,Then its back to kicking the bushes to see what ellse I can clean.Feast or famine! I really look forward to the time I will be able to tell the pain in da butt customer I have too much work ! I really believe in this...
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    HELP with Respirator????

    HELP with Respirator???? I need or think I do, a good supplier and the specific type of respirator to use when using ....Bleach..and other cleaning chem.Thank you Rick
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    Garbage Trucks???????

    What the heck do you charge for cleaning them?????? Two sizes normal and an ecomomy smaller size????Rick ps: charge extra for the smell???
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    Starting not to like my x-jet

    I was doing this house saturday, two story,w/ gabels closer to three story, thought it was a great oppertunity to try the x-jet once again!( me and it ant getting along) I shoot the house wash, give it a real good wash, wait the reccomended time, then rinsed. STREAKS almost like I could have...
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    Temperature ? Flat work? Concrete

    I am wondering at what temperature setting/ range is best for concrete, ive been setting the dial at 145 is this too low?
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    Is a Hose reel needed ?

    Ive been reading several threads concerning hose reels and also the artical in cleaner times. Ive been with out one since I started Pressure washing which isnt that long ago. Rolling out/up the hoses is a royal pain I will admit but I am wondering after reading the threads what advantages they...
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    Water filters ?????

    I am a little confuse by the Type of water filter needed for pressure washers. Are we talking screens ? Or an actual filter ? And if so what type ? I have recently purchased a Landa PGHW5-35321E along with the 325gal tank( I know too small but need to keep the weight down) and am installing both...
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    Landa surface jet

    Fell in love with it today ! Like the wand for detail work!! Wish I had it two weeks ago!!!!!!
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    Chemical Supplys

    Seeking good chemical supplier at fair prices ?
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    jest to let you know !

    Thus far my thread in business forms requesting a copy of a maintenance agreement has had 129 views but not a singel reply hence I wonder if this is a record ? lol Rick
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    water tanks ???

    Where did you all get your water tanks??? I want to put a 500 gal ( 4700 lbs approx) tank in my box truck and was wanting a good source ie the best tank for the bucks. thanks Rick
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    Water Tank Wanted

    I am wanting a source or sources for water tank or tanks to mount in my box truck, approx: 500 gal ( 4700lbs ) or two tanks that equal 500 gal. where have you all aquired your tanks from ???????? thanks Rick
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    Trash cans have become my friend

    Early one morning on the way to bid a job I noticed all the full trash cans parked along side the curbs awaiting to be dumped.After bidding the job(which I did not get) and to kill a couple of hours I started tapeing my busness card to the top of the cans/bins thus far they have brought in two...
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    Lysol toilet bowl cleaner rust test

    Read a sujestion in an earlier thread from Rod and Beth about removing rust stains with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.After I stopped laughting at the simplicity of it I thought why not!I have the perfect canidate test building stucco ext. and sidewalk.Start it in the morning.Alas I must confess to...
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    Maintenance Contract/agreement

    I was wondering if anyone had a Maintenance Contract/Agreement form the ones posted thus far appear to be for spot work Thank You Rick
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    Credit Cards ???????

    Several of my customers wanted to pay for the service via credit card I am wondering how to set this up the best way or company and equipment ect. to use Thank you Rick