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    How Photos Help

    All the Burger Kings I do for this one owner (10 ) of them .. I have been taking before and after photos for over a year now ( while cleaning these BK's) The owner finally stopped and looked at them .. I got a call He said .. "John you do a really good job, I just wanted you to know .. By the...
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    New Service at B&R

    Ok we offer Hood Cleanings , Fire Protection and Concrete Cleaning.. Like this would be enough.. Not anymore.. We are now an alarm system installer and supplier.. We also have hired a plumbing service this weekend.. .. Our Yazoo City office is up and running .. We hired a guy named Jerry Jones...
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    Stupid Phone Calls

    Got a call this morning .. A owner of restaurant that I Had talked to about a year ago.. He had told me that he has his own pressure washer and cleans his own hood. Well anyway he asked me how much it would cost for me to bring my machine to his restaurant and show him the proper way to clean...
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    Need new sales plan

    I am a hood cleaner and fire equipment guy.. But hey I still do concrete. All is still going good with the homemade surface cleaner, it just needs to be used more. In Mississippi we have a serious ( CHEAP GUY ) problem .. Most of the convienece stores use a garden hose to clean there concrete...
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    I love when other Hood Cleaning Companies Watch Us Work

    We got to do a job this Morning.. EARLY .. This restaurant had a small flash fire and could not get there regular company out to clean them . About an hour after we started cleaning 2 guys show up in a truck. In the back of the truck was a Little Northstar Hot Water Electric unit. The guy gets...
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    New Sales Letters

    I am working on getting all of the Backyard Burgers in Mississippi. I just got thru typing up this sales letter and just wondered if there is abetter letter or if I have abought said it all in this one ...
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    Hook Up Water Tank Different

    I need a little help... I can't decide how to hook this up where I can fill my water tank and then use it with the pump but then on the other hand when I have access to a faucet I want to hook up to my float tank and use it.. Any Ideas .. I think this might work ( PHOTO) but not sure. Oh by...
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    The New Surface Cleaner By B&R

    Ok the thing is ugly now .. my daughter and I have to paint it Today .. Get this it,s going to be school bus yellow.. My daughters choice .. anyhoo here is what it looks like so far ... Oh by the way it works ,... tried it with cold water ... then tried it with hot water and ran it for about 10...
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    Concrete Paint Question

    I have got to paint a dumpster pad ,, finally got all the paint off of it ..Just wondering if anyone has an idea of what type of paint , brand , coats , etc ?
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    Ok here is my two cents ... Free pressure washers of the USA Association. We all get together every year at some set location preferabbly a beach .. We all pay for our own way then have a big freakin Keg Beach party .. With Live entertainment.. No Dues, No Fees , Just Fun.. 2 Things 1) If...
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    Ok I got one and it is not worth the money.. I think I can Build one Better.. ...Take a 0 tip Nozzle .. take a drimel tool and grind a cross about 1 mm deep across the hole.. Then take a hard plastic tubing and clampit over the nozzle.. I get about 24 feet of punch and talk about cleaning.. I...
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    Golden Corral Cleaning ?

    Heydoes any body have a Golden Corral Restaurant in thier town that they clean ??? I got to start cleaning one in Jackson Next Month.. And I think the guy thinks since I am doing it once a month it ought to be a pretty cheap price.. But I told him 650.00 a month ... ... the last company was...
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Everybody .. Let's all take the Day Off , Eat some Real Food... Amen.... Have A Great Easter New Pressure Washers Site by Me on MSN
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    Cleaning Tools

    Ok here is some of the tools to clean Burger King .. And Also the lil Surface Cleaner I use to Clean the Kitchen Floor in Small Restaurants.
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    Guess What B&R Cleaned Today ?
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    Going to Clean a White Rubber Roof

    I am going to clean a white rubber roof this morning .. Iwill take some pics and post them when I get Back .. This is going to be so much FUN!!! Oh by the way it's going to rain too... ( I LOVE THIS JOB )
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    We Got them Now

    The Best Grease Catching System on the Market. This product has been patent under Bevalaque Maintenance Comapany a division of B&R Services DBA as B&R Fire Protection in conjunction with Hydro-Clean Services of Jackson Mississippi. This product is...
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    Finally getting paid and now I am Burnt Out.

    I have worked my Butt off all last month and now the checks are rolling in .. I paid all my employees and I got Some Money left ...So I bought my wife a car.Then I think I am going to buy a paint job for the old brown truck ... Thinking about getting painted white like our f 250.. So anybody get...
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    The Weather Sux

    Thunder and Lightining in Jackson MS tonight so ( No Hood Clean for Me) Had to call and cancel bfore I Could even say I was not coming he said I hope you are not coming because the weather is bad maybe tommorrow would be better... So when is enough enough.. I stop at Lightining....
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    Surface Cleaner Question

    On one of the post from the hot water wizard website on MSN he has the spec for building your own surface cleaner.. I have come to the conclusion that the people who build these surface cleaners really rip people off. $ 1000.00 bucks for a $125.00 swivel and about $ 100.00 worth of material...