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  1. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing Training

    If are you in the Houston Tx Area or are attending the FREE UAMCC Convention thats being held October 22,23,24, I've got two great schools I'm hosting just prior to the convention. On October 20,21 learn all about roof cleaning, house washing, and driveway cleaning and anything else residential...
  2. Doug Rucker

    Gunslinger Soft Wash System

    Now available through the DougRuckerStore is the Gunslinger Soft Wash System complete with a 5GPM 12Volt Electric pump, hose reel, 200 feet of soft wash hose, soft wash gun, nozzles, AND the Dougeantor Mixing system. The Dougenator mixing system allows you to mix, or proportion, for lack of a...
  3. Doug Rucker

    Houston Texas Pressure Washing Training Event

    The Doug Rucker School Free Networking and Training event will take place on February 22nd and 23rd at the Courtyard Marriott in Kingwood Texas. Address for the Courtyard Marriott is 130 Northpark Plaza Kingwood Texas and the phone # is 2819731790. When calling to make your room reservations...
  4. Doug Rucker

    Wrap for My Pressure Washing Truck

    Have had a few requests for pic's for the wrap on my Trucks so I thought I'd post them here. Ryan Kettering of did the design and sent me the files and then I had a local company apply. Ryan is great to work with and and has a great design feel for what you are looking for.
  5. Doug Rucker

    Udor Chemical Applicator Pressure Washer trailer for sale

    Trailer w Udor 10gpm HVLP Chemical Applicator with ball valve system. 4 gpm 3500 pressure washer. Hoses and reels. Tanks. Just had trailer serviced. New bearings, wiring, plug. Ready to roll. 2800$. Firm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Doug Rucker

    F450 Flat bed pressure washer for sale

    1992 Ford F450. Runs great. 8gpm cold water Hydro Tek cold water pressure washer. 5 GPM Landa Hot/Cold pressure washer. Reels, hoses, tank. 24" WW lil big guy surface cleaner. $8500 or reasonable offer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Doug Rucker

    New Jersey Pressure Washing

    Our second New Jersey Pressure Washing school will be held September 15,16 2016 at the JRacenstein Facility in East Rutherford New Jersey. I will be teaching on pressure washing and roof cleaning as well as the different application's and ways of Soft Washing a variety of surfaces. Identifying...
  8. Doug Rucker

    For Sale Pressure Washer Rig

    Here is a pressure washer rig I have for sale, comes complete with everything is a link to the listing on Power Wash Network, that way I don't have to type everything out and load the pictures again...
  9. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning School South Carolina

    Pat Clark and I will be hosting a 2 day training event at his Precision Pro Wash head quarters located in Duncan South Carolina. The training will take place on April 15th an 16th, 2016 and will cover both Hands On Training as well as class room teaching. Both days we will start at 8:00am...
  10. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing School New Jersey

    March 23-24 2016 , I'll be teaching a two day class at the JRacenstein Facility in East Rutherford New Jersey on Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Soft Washing and more. From starting your new business, to how to bid jobs, cleaning process and techniques, sales and marketing, to how to mix your...
  11. Doug Rucker

    Flatbed Pressure Washing/Roof Cleaning Rig

    $12,500 Houston Texas Area. Call or text 2818838470 if interested. 1992 Ford F450 Gas Engine 230k miles. Cold AC w new compressor, New Brakes Calipers, New Ford Transmission, Truck is in excellent condition. I bought it a few months ago from the original owner who bought it brand new in 1992...
  12. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning School

    I have just set the schedule for my 2016 Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning School. Hard to believe that this year we celebrate our 5 year anniversary since the school started. We've been able to help over 100 students that attended our school here in Houston, along with many more that...
  13. Doug Rucker

    Special ONE DAY SCHOOL

    I have had people calling me and asking if I am doing a school the week of my event in Houston. I had not planned on it but have decided to offer one. I am offering a Roof Cleaning and House Washing, on the job school, on Monday February 23rd. We will start at 9:00am and I will teach...
  14. Doug Rucker

    Online Pressure Washing School

    For those that are just starting out in the Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning business, I have an online school that you may find helpful. I have had it about a year or so, and it has helped some guys get started and cut the learning curve quite a bit. Here is a short video that explains it...
  15. Doug Rucker

    Happy Birthday Ron

    Happy Birthday Ron and Happy New Year. Hope you have a great day.
  16. Doug Rucker

    Doug and Ron's Dumb and Dumber Road Trip

    Hey, Everyone, Ron and I will be traveling on the road from Houston to Orlando for the Powerwashstore event that is being held January 20 and 21 in Orlando, Fl. We will be leaving Houston on Thursday January 15th and plan to arrive in Orlando on Sunday January 18th. Along the way we would like...
  17. Doug Rucker

    Happy Birthday Larry Millette

    Hope you have great day Brother....
  18. Doug Rucker

    Auction Starts at a $1.00 Bid...ends Monday Night December 1 2014 8pm CST RULES: Bidding has to be in 1/4 of a Dollar Example .25 cents , If you bid 1.26 it will be disqualified. The time at 8:00pm CST will determine the close of the auction , the winner will be the Highest Bidder...
  19. Doug Rucker

    Auction Starts at a $1.00 Bid...ends Monday Night 8pm CST AUCTION ENDS MONDAY NIGHT DECEMBER 1ST 2014 8PMCST Bidding has to be in 1/4 of a Dollar Example .25 cents , If you bid 1.26 it will be disqualified. The time at 8:00pm CST will determine the close of the auction , the...
  20. Doug Rucker

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the Staff of PWI...hope you all have a great day.