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  1. Craig

    F9 University 3.5 Day Hands-On Training May 10-14, 2017

    F9 TRAINING is ON for next month, May 10-14th! If you want to learn the most innovative and technical hard surface restoration techniques in the Industry, this is where to get the training! Learn from 3 F9 Instructors including Craig Harrison. Limited to 6 companies and there are 3 spots left...
  2. Craig

    F9 Training Event January 24th Orlando: Hard Surface Restoration

    1-855-803-1133 Hey Guys/Gals, We will be in Orlando, FL on the 24 to teach some hard surface restoration. The classroom powerpoint we are covering the sales aspects of rust/battery issues along with another completely different process with many more opportunities...
  3. Craig

    Overview on How to Strip Acrylic Sealer from Concrete 855-803-1133 Hey Guys, Here's a quick video we shot a while back on how we strip acrylic sealer from concrete. Hope it can help some of you.
  4. Craig

    Power Washing and Hard Surface Restoration School

    Power Washing School - Hard Surface Restoration and Sealing - Hands On Training Front 9 University 855-803-1133 Next Class: Feb 10-13, 2016 in Palm Desert, CA Training Hours at Front 9 University Count Towards UAMCC Credit Hours! We are pleased to announce that Front 9 University is now in...
  5. Craig

    F9 Tip: Electrical Cord Management (Video)

    Front 9 Restoration, Inc. Makers of the World's Best Rust Remover, F9 BARC and The World's Best Efflorescence & Calcium Remover, F9 Efflo. 855-803-1133 This video shows companies a simple tip to make cord management neat and easy. Tip show by Craig Harrison of F9 Restoration. Front 9...
  6. Craig

    F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Removal: Calcium Stripping - Pics

    F9 Calcium and Efflorescence removal we did today. This is a 10 day project that should be finished in 7-8. Larry Waldron of Bayside Softwash and Brandon Mertes of Poseidon came to visit and learn some hands on. Pool Decks can become slippery and pose a health and safety risk for slip and...
  7. Craig

    Keep Your Workspace Safe

    Here's a couple simple things you can do with cones and signs to help keep your workspace safe. If we were doing commercial work and had more traffic I wold put up delineators with caution tape around our work area. Since this is a relatively low traffic area (more cars than anything) it's a...
  8. Craig

    Craig's Circle Technique: Remove overlap marks, striping and surface cleaner lines

    Thought I'd make this easier to search. Please "like" the video while you are there. Craig's Circle Technique: How to get striping, overlap lines and surface cleaner marks out of concrete: <strong> Tips and Tricks by Craig Harrison at Front 9 Restoration 1-855-803-1133 Makers of the...
  9. Craig

    Press Release: F9 TEAMS up with Dennis Sahr of Spray Force

    Press Release: F9 ( Teams up with Dennis Sahr of Spray Force Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing in Davenport Florida to give children with a life-threatening illness a cleaner property: 855-80301133 Dennis A Sahr, I just received the "Thank...
  10. Craig

    New Shirts Coming, Thanks Keith!

    I'm excited for these babies to roll in. I just wanted to say thanks to Keith at KBK for getting them done and fully customized. Whatchyall think? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Fr
  11. Craig

    We Are Not Power Washers...

    Hello Guys and Gals. I just wanted to give you some insights on why we are so important in this industry. For one, We are NOT Power Washing Companies... We are HEALTH AND SAFETY Companies. We clean concrete to reduce slip and fall risks, we clean buildings to promote better air quality, we...
  12. Craig

    You Gotta See These!!

    F9 Rust Remover Congrats Grant Apple on this unbelievable rust restoration using F9 BARC from Amazing!! Thank you to Jason Hatch of Window Genie for helping him through his first job. The best concrete rust remover in the World!
  13. Craig

    F9 BARC and F9 Efflo Jobs

    Here are some pics from a job we did the other day. We used F9 Efflo to acid wash the patio and drive way. Efflo removed the calcium carbonate staining, magnesium stains (under fountain), planter stains and calcium stains. F9 BARC was used for rust and battery stains on the driveway. EBC...
  14. Craig

    F9 BARC Rust Remover: One Application vs Two

    F9: Will it work with one application? A few guys have been asking me if you can use F9 BARC with one application. Here is my answer: You can use F9 or any product for that matter without precleaning. My goal first and foremost has been to keep companies applying the product out of...
  15. Craig

    Short Notice ProfleXions Event- Riding Surface Cleaner in Palm Desert, CA

    Hey Guys, We are having a short notice event in Palm Desert, CA at the JW Marriott Desert Springs from 9AM to 11AM. If you can make it down, that would be great. Daniel Sandoval, Jerry McMillan, Ron Musgraves and I will be Demo'ing Daniel's new SegPro Ride-On machine that hooks up to a...
  16. Craig

    Copper Cleaning on Concrete

    Copper Staining job today: 3.5 million dollar house at Bighorn Country Club (where they have the "Battle at Bighorn" golf tournament). Copper overhang leaked over 4 years to make this copper and hard water stain on his Riverstone driveway. F9 Efflo went on straight, one coat, neutralize and...
  17. Craig

    SECURE your spot NOW before it's too late! F9 TEAM

    We have spots left, guys.. get in on the best, hottest money making program in the niche business of F9 Professional Rust Removal! Here's a few things to think about, starting with the actual product itself, how it works and what it does. I guarantee you F9 is the best rust remover you will...
  18. Craig

    Need F9 Team Member in San Jose, CA

    Rust removal lead in San Jose, CA. Pressure Washing company needed immediately to take that territory. Please pm me if you have used F9 or want to become an applicator for this area. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Fr
  19. Craig

    Got Rust?

    Here's a job we are just finishing up. 1,200' battery acid and sealing in a mobile home, golf cart community. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Fr
  20. Craig

    F9 "Got Rust" Vehicle/Trailer Graphics

    F9 TEAM: They're ready!! Come and get your "Got Rust?" AWESOME Vehicle Graphics. These are PREMIUM 11.5" x 13" 10- year UV Stable signs that are super sharp. They can go on your trucks and trailers to help gain attention and get new customers. Cost is $14.50 each ($29.00 for a pair)! ...