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    Roof Cleaning Temps

    Quick question for you guys. Can you push cleaning temps a bit when you are roof washing? I usually don't clean houses when temps drop below 50 but roofs tend to see a lot more sunshine. I was just curious what everyone else does. Thanks.
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    Air Sealing Homes

    So this forum has helped me out an awful lot so I thought I would try and give back some. Don't know if this has been covered but it is new to me so I thought I would share. As winter approaches I found myself wondering what to do to keep some money coming in (besides gutter cleaning). I came...
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    KEC Insurance

    Who do you go through for your KEC insurance? I am really having a hard time finding any info on this type of insurance. Thanks for your help.
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    Not bad for my first Deck job

    Thanks guys! It wasn't exactly a small deck. I just didn't want to over load the thread with pics. I used Deck Restoration Plus water based stain. The color was Medford Cedar. Big thanks to Mr. Everett Abrams for the advice. I cleaned it with DRP cleaner, followed by DRP brightener. I let it dry...
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    Not bad for my first Deck job

    I learned a lot. I knew going into this job that the goal was to learn as much as I could and determine if deck restoration was a good fit for my company. Jury is still out on that one.
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    Some stain advice

    Hi folks! I could use some advice but I would say mostly opinion. I am going to cut my teeth so to speak on my in-laws deck. I have done it before. But it has been a bit. Clean, neutralize/brighten, stain. The opinions I am looking for are about stains. What do you think are the best stains. I...
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    F9 Barc Before Afters

    F9 is awesome!
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    Rust Removal

    I think a dedicated thread to rust removal would be great. F9 is really amazing. These stains were on vinyl siding for 8 years that we know of. The home owner was standing next to me when I applied F9. F9 is absolutely amazing! The homeowner couldn't believe his eyes! I couldn't believe it. Rust...
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    Strip Mall Water Hookup's

    I was out yesterday evening scoping out a strip mall I would like to bid on and I noticed that they do have water hookup's on the front of the building but no handles to turn on/off. Are those valves in a maintenance room or are they in one of the stores? Just curious about how that works...
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    F-13 (Gutter Grenade)

    So last year I used L.A.'s Awesome Orange to clean the black streaks off of gutters. It works good but I found myself becoming a bit nervous using it on really bad gutters. It seemed to take a lot of paint off when it cleaned. I washed 2 houses yesterday and used the f-13 for the first time. I...
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    Washing a 16x16 deck

    So I have a deck to wash this upcoming weekend. It is a stained deck and the customer wants me to wash it so that he can re-stain it. I was thinking to just use ebc to wash it? Would another chem do a better job? I appreciate any input. Thanks.
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    First Pool Deck Bid

    Good day folks! Once again, I have a few questions for the pros. I have been asked by my own HOA to bid on cleaning the pool deck. The best part about this is that I didn't even approach them. It turns out I washed one of the ladies on the boards house and she was so impressed that she...
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    Dumpster Cleaning?

    Here is another question for you folks. Do you clean inside the dumpster when you are doing a pad?
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    SH potency?

    Quick question for you experts. If you purchase 55 gallons of 12% SH, how long will it stay fresh? Basically, how quickly does it degrade? Thanks a bunch.
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    Fascia not coming clean. Please help!

    I use "Awesome" too. I don't dilute it. When I used it diluted, it did not do the trick. I do use house wash first and the spray the awesome and brush lightly. That works really well. I don't do it more than twice. I let the homeowner know that if I try and "clean" it more that they will be...
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    Fleet Wash Equipment Question

    I am here to ask the pro's! Here is the scenario: You have a fleet of 467 trucks to wash. You will be washing half of the fleet per week. What type of rig would you use and where would you buy the rig from? I underdstand the basics, I think. No less than 4 gpm @ 3000 psi. DI or RO water. Tank...
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    SHC staining

    So I washed a buddies house and I was using just 12% shc. His garage door windows have theses decorative type stickers or paint on them. Anyway, when I hit them with chemicals they immediately began to turn a rust color. Has anyone heard of shc doing that? Is there a way to get it off? Thanks.
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    Hi everyone! Greetings from the 757!

    Hi everyone. Names John. Just wanted to say "hi" and "thanks".This forum has helped me so much since starting my own business. I work for the govt but I missed the furloughs this year luckily. I decided that I would not be caught with my pants down if I get caught up in it next year. I really...