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  1. crispy crittr

    Cleaner Times Website

    Hello Everyone, Check out the "new & updated" Cleaner Times website - Be safe, Chuck
  2. crispy crittr

    Cleaner Times - "Spouse of the Year"

    Nominate your spouse! Better hurry, the deadline is fast approaching! Deadline is October 15, 2006, so Do It Today!
  3. crispy crittr

    Little Rock Today, 8/3/05

    I don't really know anything about hood cleaning, but it does seem a lot of the vents come out of the sides of the buildings here. The only reason I notice this is that about seven or eight years ago Daryl Mirza came through Little Rock and had lunch with us. He commented about the vents...
  4. crispy crittr

    Cleaner Times Links Page As (or if) you folks look around email me if you find any bad links. Also, if you have a web site be sure to get it linked if it is not already. Chuck
  5. crispy crittr

    Cleaner Times Mistake

    Page 46 of the March issue of Cleaner Times Magazine has an error in it. The correct phone number for Sun Brite Supply is: 1-877-5-SUPPLY or 1-877-578-7759 My deepest apologies to Pete and Tracy for this mistake. Chuck Cleaner Times Magazine
  6. crispy crittr

    Eye Health & Safety Awareness Month

    I found this in a "spam" email I get. This is a good time of the year for all of us to be reminded. March is Workplace Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month, sponsored by Prevent Blindness America. It is estimated that more than 1,000 workers suffer serious eye injuries each day! From metal to...
  7. crispy crittr

    Who's Good Side?

    Is that a picture of Mike's good side on page 28 of the February issue of Cleaner Times? The person in the picture was not identified when it was sent in. Chuck
  8. crispy crittr

    Heat Stress

    Cleaner Times had an article in the April issue and I received this in an email newsletter this morning. It's always a good idea to keep aware of heat stress this time of year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OSHA Offers Heat Stress Protection Tips OSHA's free Heat Stress Card, available in English and...