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  1. AmyVollmer

    Don't miss out on our first Facebook contest at Joseph D. Walters Insurance

    If you want to play come over and "LIKE" our Facebook page. All are welcome to join in the fun! We kick off our first monthly contest tomorrow!
  2. AmyVollmer

    What to do if business is still slow? Time for an INSURANCE REVIEW!

    As a business owner you are used to having your hands full running your business, managing schedules, maintaining equipment and making your customers happy while trying to capture new ones. That leaves little time to focus on buying the right pressure washing insurance plan. There is a huge...
  3. AmyVollmer

    Understanding Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

    Good reading material to help you understand the challenges you could be facing. In some states, this protection can be added for just dollars per month. Each state has different limits and pricing available. Contact our office if you are interested in learning more about the availability of...
  4. AmyVollmer

    Understanding Products & Completed Operations Coverage

    Another tip to help you be smarter about your insurance.
  5. AmyVollmer

    Understanding Subcontractor Liability

    Another tip to hep you be smarter about your insurance.
  6. AmyVollmer

    Understanding Additional Insureds

    Insurance Tip #3 Do Additional Insured Endorsements Do What You Think They Do? What you, as a contractor, must know to protect yourself from the potential of financial disaster A published article written by our very own Bonnie Bradburn When a client requests to be named as Additional...
  7. AmyVollmer

    Insurance Premium Audits ~ Do you really want to go through that?

    Insurance Tip #2Understanding what an insurance premium audit is.....and why you don't want one What you, as a contractor, must know to protect yourself from the potential of financial disaster The insurance premium audit is a provision in most business insurance contracts. The purpose...
  8. AmyVollmer

    Do you have Care, Custody and Control coverage?

    Insurance Tip #1 Understanding Care, Custody and Control What you, as a contractor, must know to protect yourself from the potential of financial disaster Many different contractors fall under the broad definition of Artisan contractors. Plumbers, painters, electricians, power washers...
  9. AmyVollmer

    Become Better Educated When It Comes To Buying Your Business Insurance

    At Joseph D Walters we believe that the more you know about pressure washing insurance the better you can protect yourself. Talk to anyone at our agency and get smarter about protecting yourself from financial disaster. Because what you don’t know can hurt you. I have attached our Guide to...
  10. AmyVollmer

    Please help us at Joseph D. Walters Insurance grow our Facebook page! :)

    Good Evening, It's been a great few weeks getting up and running on this forum. I appreciate receiving some nice feedback and developing many business relationships. We would like to keep as many options available to communicate with you and get to know everyone. I'd like to ask if you have...
  11. AmyVollmer

    Greetings From Joseph D. Walters Insurance In Pennsylvania!

    Good Evening! My name is Amy Vollmer and I am the Marketing Director for Joseph D. Walters Insurance in Pennsylvania. I look forward to getting to know everyone and assist in answering any questions you may have about insurance for your business. We do specialize in powerwash insurance...