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  1. mattspws

    Copied Website

    I have about 5 different sites that have copied text from mine. My site use to rank very well in the organic results but in the last six months or so It has been falling off. I know unique content in pretty important to Google as far as SEO goes. I have contacted a couple of the sites with no...
  2. mattspws

    Question about burner insulation.

    I got a quick question about a burner on a pressure pro skid. What's a fair price to re-insulate one of these ? It's a horizontal and also needs the baffle replaced and the metal ring that's tacked to the coil on the burner end replaced. Needless to say I have not been very happy with this...
  3. mattspws

    Company Twitter pages

    So we got a thread on Facebook pages. How about one on Twitter, here is mine.!/mattspws I've also got the button in my signature.
  4. mattspws

    Oil collection, could it be this simple ?

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  5. mattspws

    Metal Roof

    Hi all, I did a few searches and came up with nothing. I'm wondering if anyone can share a recipe or recommend a product to clean a metal roof. It looks like its just really dirty, could be oxidation. I've done a few test spots with a strong house wash and a caustic based truck wash detergent...
  6. mattspws

    QuickBooks Question

    I have a question about Quickbooks I have Pro 2008. When you do a back up does it back up the custom templets like a custom Invoice or Estimate ?
  7. mattspws

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Hello my names Matt and I own Matt's Pressure Washing Service LLC. It's a small pressure washing business in the Oklahoma City Metro area. I've been in business for about a year now. I've been lurking around here TGS and PT for a little while now and figured I should introduce myself. I've...