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  1. apple

    I'll See You In Houston

    If your business needs a boost to get to another level then you can't afford to miss this. This show has the best line up of any I've seen yet! I can't say enough about how far our...
  2. apple

    Phil Robertson and A&E

    This is the response I saw on Facebook. BTW I think the show is ok, but I'm not a big fan of it. For me it's like watching my neighbors or relatives on their own show. It is awesome that they represent the qualities they Do on tv.
  3. apple

    Super Rigs!!!!!!!!

    Not super, but they work super hard.
  4. apple

    New Truck

    Well working out of the truck bed was just difficult. I've since put a flatbed on it.
  5. apple

    Hey, I've been a member for 4 years today

    To say I've learned a ton here is a major understatement. I only wish that I hadn't "part timed" it for a year and that I hadn't wasted another year and a half on residential. Why didn't someone try to tell me?
  6. apple

    Show them if you have them!!!!! ITS TIME

    I don't take many pictures at work so I posted a few others. The last one is the grassy knoll. For you conspiracy theorists out there.
  7. apple

    Show them if you have them!!!!! ITS TIME

    12 hours after it was serviced.
  8. apple

    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    If that counts so does this. But there's no doubt who's running the show around here.
  9. apple

    This game just got a little more serious!

    It's been great. She is the best thing ever.
  10. apple

    Oil change pump?

    Awhile back someone posted a link to a hand pump for pumping oil out of small engines. I can't find the thread in a search. Does anyone have any idea where I might find one? Thanks.
  11. apple

    Which one do you prefer and why?

    I really like our new flatbed, as well as, this smaller open trailer. I also have a box trailer I intend on putting a few pieces of equipment in.
  12. apple

    Who is Having a Great Week YEar and Life?

    Hey, I doubt it gets much better than this.
  13. apple

    Your DReam RIG, what would it have on it?

    Let's start with bright red paint.
  14. apple

    pets photos

    My wife sent me these. You've had to have had a dog in a cone to really get the second one.
  15. apple

    pets photos

    Seriously, Cooper is the best dog ever. He's friends with everyone except for the UPS driver: even likes cats. He prefers going to the lake over working, but he'll still hang out with me at my desk and keep my feet warm.
  16. apple

    There is a property manager on wheel of fortune

    Anyone know him? Name is Adam. From DC area. I had to post.
  17. apple

    Free - Best roof cleaning photo contest !!!

    This isn't the best, but its the only in progress before and after I could find. I've got quite a few good ones from our first year or so. Roof cleaning makes great before and after pictures. I guess its a shame we haven't done more of them this year.