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  1. Chris Detter

    PWNA Express / minutes from Jan BOD meeting

    PWNA Express / Update from the President PWNA Express / Update 1-03 A message from Chris Detter / President of PWNA Hi Everyone, Following are the minutes from last Tuesday’s board of director’s conference call. Present, Chris Detter, Tom Bickett, Doc Reisman, Jack Pitzer, Mike Hinderliter...
  2. Chris Detter

    San Diego & Arizona for Turkey dinnner

    Hey Everyone, I am spending the Thanksgiving holiday in San Diego & Arizona. And not taking a computer. So If I don't respond to any posts, till next week you'll know why. Have a safe Happy Holiday everybody! Chris Detter
  3. Chris Detter

    Up the Organization, Let's Roll !!!

    Hey everyone, For those of you who may be interested, I just posted a list of potential benefits and improvements the board has been and will continue to work on for future growth. The actual post is over at the PWNA board. under the question & answer section. the heading is...
  4. Chris Detter

    PWNA Board of Directors agree!

    Hi Jon, 7-31-02 I spoke to each Board member regarding your request to allow your lovely wife to attend the seminars in Las Vegas to be your ears. Everyone agrees, we'd love to have her attend these meetings with you at no extra charge...
  5. Chris Detter

    PWNA members, What the board been doing?

    Many & great things, 1. Securing certification testing locations throught the US. 2. Finalizing the agenda, classes, speakers, workshops, exhibitors, activities, meals demos etc for Pittsburgh, Pa. Oct 31- Nov3, 2002 3. Building the new PWNA web site, BBS, live chats, contractor referral...
  6. Chris Detter

    PWNA General Topics, and suggestions

    Hi Everybody, I thought it would be nice to start a new positive thread. I would like to know from those who belong to other organizations, what other kind of benefits we can look at that would pertain to and be of some real value to our members. Please be specific and positive. I will take...
  7. Chris Detter

    Special PWNA Express announcement

    PWNA Express- March 2002 Message from PWNA president Christopher Detter………… The Power Washers of North America (PWNA) is proud to announce the selection of its new association management firm. Mr. Jack Pitzer, president of JMP Productions, Alexandria, VA. has been chosen as the new Executive...
  8. Chris Detter

    PWNA Express newsletter Feb 2002

    Power Washers of North America - Express February 2002 Message from PWNA President Christopher Detter The PWNA celebrated its 10th year anniversary in January by holding its Annual Meeting & Exposition in beautiful Miami, Florida. To further enhance this anniversary celebration, the...
  9. Chris Detter

    The New Pwna Today

    Hello Everyone, members of the PWNA and members not yet joined. Wecome to what I intend to be a wonderfaul vehicle of communication between the power washer and the Power Washers of North America (PWNA). I am very excited about many of the changes that are being initiated as we speak...
  10. Chris Detter

    test picture

  11. Chris Detter

    PWNA/ Miami, Room rate reduction!!!

    Hi Everyone. For those of you who are planning on going to the PWNA's 10 annual convention in Miami, Fl. Jan 28-Feb1, 2002. I've got some great news.... The PWNA has convinced the Hotel, (Renaissance Miami Biscayne Bay) to drop there room rates from $169.00/night to $117.00 per night. If you...
  12. Chris Detter

    PWNA discount benifit

    One of the biggest benefits any organization can offer is a discount to members on products they purchase. The PWNA has been working on a national vendor discount program for some time. Although this program has not got off the ground yet I think that if one vendor started it possibly other...
  13. Chris Detter

    The "Deckster" Spayer, Good results!

    Hey Everybody... We've had great reports from our customers on the "Deckster" sprayer. We've finally worked out all the bugs. Check it out at our web site, or We also have a complete line of wood cleaning and sealing products (Ready Seal) as well as...
  14. Chris Detter

    PWNA info y'all requested, PART 1

    First of all, let me begin by thanking everyone for sharing his or her thoughts about the PWNA - whether positive or not. Every organization needs to hear things that can help it improve and, believe me; we’ve been trying hard to improve for years. Some may disagree, because everyone doesn’t see...
  15. Chris Detter

    PWNA vs the WEST COAST

    Hi Everyone These following thoughts are for those who may have some reservations and misconceptions about the PWNA and it's Board of directors. But before I talk about the west coast let me say mention one thing. The PWNA was originally developed to bring those of us who are basically...
  16. Chris Detter

    The DECKSTER sprayer

    Hey Everyone, Sun Brite has a great 12 volt sprayer on the market. We're Darn proud of it. It's called "THE DECKSTER" Great construction, easy to operate, Great Price! $399.00 (til Oct.14, 01) Take a look at (click on products) Thank You Chris Detter Sun Brite...
  17. Chris Detter

    Sun Brite, Not just wood guy's anymore!

    Hey Everyone, Sun Brite has always been a trusted name in the Wood cleaning and sealing world, with it's products like "Remove" (for stripping) "Wood Britener" (for neutralizing) and "Ready Seal" for (sealing and protecting wood.) SUN BRITE NOW has a Top line pressure washing Chemicals at...
  18. Chris Detter

    Congrat's Ron, and THANK YOU for the Invite

    Hey Ron, Congrat's on your new site and BBS, and thank you for inviting me and my company the opportunity to help out with moderating and advertising . As always I 'll be happy to help anyone I can especially in the wood restoration and sealing areas. For anyone who doesn't know us or our...